Saturday, November 27, 2004

From the Mountains

There are many peoples in this mountain town.

They come from all over the world.

They live here because they love the deep blue sky, the round mountains, and the deep sense of mystery that pervades every rock wall and cobblestone street. There are no gas stations within 20 miles. The aural landscape is dominated by the church with its great bells.

At dinner two nights ago, we spoke of the elections in the United States and how devastating the election has been for those outside of the US.

I spoke of the need to begin to see that the Geographic State was important 200 years ago when there was no transportation except by horse, and there was no communication except by super snail mail.

I spoke of the need to create new bonds between us.

I spoke of the opportunity we have to accomplish what we want without pouring our energy and resources into the dark hole of corporate control.

We can spend our energy and our resources more wisely.

They all understood.

And they all agreed.


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