Tuesday, December 07, 2004



Because it is time.

It is time to take stock of what we have

and what we have become,

and where we are headed.

Tonight, I saw WMD/ Weapons of Mass Deception.

According to the Austin Chronicle reviewer, the producer and director, Danny Schecter, is telling us that,

Instead of doing its job as a government watchdog within our democratic system of checks and balances, the Fourth Estate was quick to fall into lockstep with the drumbeat toward war. The media became a huge part of the story rather than the distanced reporters they were theoretically trained to be. Government propagandists used the fourth estate as a sort of fourth front in the war, using journalists as the means for getting out their daily message and overall mission.

Schecter is an award-winning television producer who has worked at CNN and ABC’s 20/20, and is currently the executive editor and blogger-in-chief of MediaChannel.org, the world’s largest media issues network.

The movie is good.

But I don't need a movie to show me that the media is embedded with the government and with corporate power. The people who do need a movie won't watch the movie. But Schecter's movie says so much more.

It tells us that Noam Chomsky is right.

Big Media can't get it right anymore.

They need favors from the government.

And the government is now what Ike warned,

firmly in the hands of the M. I. C.

In the last 2 years,

People of Conscience put 500 million dollars

and millions of hours of human energy

into trying to make a change at the level of the geographic state

and the money went where?

into the hands of the people who are telling the lies.

And the energy fell like so many pieces on the ground.

I think we need a new plan.

Let's put our resources and energy into building

something that will accomplish what we want to accomplish.

Let's build together to make a truly democratic cyber state

One, that provides health care,

and places to live,

and ways to travel,

and ways to trade our skills

and our knowledge.

Let's provide good food for our bodies

and clean energy for our tools.

Let's build a cybercoop that can compete

with Wallmart and General Electric.

We have the knowhow.

And we have the energy.

We need the clear intent.

Imagine 50 million people of conscience

from all over the World

connected with the very best communicators,

and the very best trading sites,

and the very best services.

Imagine 50 million people deciding to boycott

Wallmart because it is unjust.

Imagine 50 million people of conscience

working together as a single powerful family.


An Earthfamily.

Maybe one is Alpha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how would such a cyber coop work?

4:06 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

I will post often on how this can or might work.
It will be a work in progress.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this can work. The nation states will not allow it. Creating large extra territorial cyber-nations will be considered seditious by even the most liberal of states. the nations have the armies. and they have the jails. and they have the power.

what power can a cyberstate have in such a world?
I guess it can have economic power, of course, and perhaps, political power at the polls, and I guess it can have superior technological power, as well as superior knowledge of the operational aspects of the society.

I think I answered my own question.

11:38 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

First, we need to grasp the potential we have and then we need to focus that potential with clear intent.

3:34 PM  

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