Friday, December 17, 2004

EFA Entry 12.17.2009

We completed the 14th round today.

It was beautiful.

Over 100,000 new members an hour for 14 hours. All servers were busy.

The new media center is operating well and with only occassional hickups.

The EFA.9 communicator seems to be a gargantuan hit and one of the reasons today's offering filled out so quickly. I got mine just yesterday.

So far, I have had no trouble getting good signal and speed from both the R 14 and the Q 5 Bunkers. I am delighted. I am impressed with new lab design team. The e 9 series is at least 20 months ahead of the other indy labs, and light years ahead of the Bell boys.

Our members now have a full spectrum microtelecommunicator that gives them complete interface with home base.

The new EFASatCom has also stabilyzed nicely. (slight roll shortly after launch) We are now 100% free of outside contractors and vendors. Network is moving 6 terabites /sec.

I'm worried about the US HOME SEC. They are now jamming family in DC and Apple land.
Overides are working but we stay ahead now in hours not days.

Law suits over defacto currency creation not a problem. They win, we win. They lose, we win.
Best campaign we ever didn't pay for.

EFA SEC tells me that we have reached critical in Tokyo and Paris. I love Paris. Always did.

EFA FI gave me this tonight:

Total Habs owned 10,345,679
EFA GNP 220 billion euros

Negotiating team finalizing deal with Walton gang tomorrow.

The nice thing about a true capitalist, he will sell you the rope you need to hang him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not understand this post at all until I looked at the date on the posting. it is still hard to get.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you are talking about here. None.

11:33 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

OK, OK, this is a future post. I am trying to describe the future by writing from the future. EFA is earthfamilyalpha, US HOME SEC is US Homeland Security.
EFA FI is the finance department, and the EFA 9 microtelecommunicator is the state of the art device that earthfamilyalpha members lease when they join the coop. It is the best cell phone, PDA, Blackeberry, microcomputer, personal on star device available. More on it later, maybe today.

9:23 AM  

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