Friday, April 08, 2005


There is an eclipse today.

You can see it.

They are saying goodbye to the Pope today.

You can see it.

The sun will grow dim.

You can see it.

There will be all of the world leaders.

You can see them.

There will be all those who loved him

You can see them.

The Pope will have his Red shoes on.

You can't see them.

The Cardinals will have their Red on too.

We know that this War is for Oil

You can see it.

We know that our leaders are lying.

You can see it.

But no one would say it.

Until Now.

Blix says war motivated by oil
Thursday Apr 7 2005
Associated Press

Former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix has said that oil was one of the reasons for the US-led invasion of Iraq, a Swedish news agency reports.

"I did not think so at first. But the US is incredibly dependent on oil," news agency TT quoted Blix as saying at a security seminar in Stockholm.

"They wanted to secure oil in case competition on the world market becomes too hard."

Blix, who helped oversee the dismantling of Iraq's weapons programs before the war, said another reason for the invasion was a need to move US troops from Saudi Arabia, TT reported.

Competition over oil is creating tension between the United States and China, Blix said, suggesting nuclear power as a more environmentally friendly source of energy.

"I believe the greatest threat in the long term is the greenhouse effect," said Blix, who's become a vocal critic of US leaders since he retired from the UN last year.

And then there is this:

Analysis points to election `corruption'
By Stephen Dyer
Akron Beacon Journal

Chance of exit polls being so wrong in '04 vote is one-in-959,000

There's a one-in-959,000 chance that exit polls could have been so wrong in predicting the outcome of the 2004 presidential election, according to a statistical analysis released Thursday.

Exit polls in the November election showed Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., winning by 3 percent, but President George W. Bush won the vote count by 2.5 percent.

The explanation for the discrepancy that was offered by the exit polling firm -- that Kerry voters were more likely to participate in the exit polling -- is an ``implausible theory,'' according to the report issued Thursday by US Count Votes, a group that claims it's made up of about two dozen statisticians.

Twelve of the statisticians -- including a Case Western Reserve University mathematics instructor -- signed the report.

Instead, the data support the idea that ``corruption of the vote count occurred more freely in districts that were overwhelmingly Bush strongholds.''

The report dismisses chance and inaccurate exit polling as the reasons for their discrepancy with the results.

They found that the one hypothesis that can't be ruled out is inaccurate election results.

``The hypothesis that the voters' intent was not accurately recorded or counted... needs further investigation,'' it said.

And there is this:

The Big Fix
By Chris Floyd
04/07/05 "
Moscow Times

Late last year, the US Congress heard sworn testimony from Florida programmer Clint Curtis, who created vote-rigging software in 2000 at the request of Tom Feeny, a Bush Family factotum. Feeny wanted Curtis (a fellow Republican) and his employer, Yang Enterprises, to produce untraceable programs that could "control the vote" as needed, investigator Brad Friedman reported.

In 2002, Raymond Lemme, a Florida state government inspector, took up Curtis' charges, which included other corruption allegations involving Feeny, Yang Enterprises and a Yang employee charged with peddling military technology to the Chinese. In June 2003, Lemme told Curtis he had "tracked the corruption all the way to the top" and that "the story would break in a few weeks." On July 1, 2003, Lemme was found dead in a Georgia hotel room, just across the Florida border.

Local police ruled that Lemme, a happily married man eagerly planning his daughter's wedding, had suddenly decided to slash his wrists.

There is an eclipse today.

You can see it.

The sun will grow dim.

You can see it.

I think I’ll put my Red on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this post has been very weird. OZ

10:10 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Excellent,'s good to know that what many of us intuited was not far off.

1:18 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

Perhaps I was a little too poetic here. I thought it was significant that this pope was buried on a day when the sun dimmed because of partial eclipse.

10:38 PM  

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