Saturday, April 30, 2005


Yesterday we walked out the Camino Basura.

We walked past the old white church on the edge of town

If you look at the iron gates closely,

You will see that there are little peyotes all over it.

We walked on past the site where Hollywood built a fake town,

only to have it torn down and its material used for the real town.

Now that area is used by the children of the town to play soccer.

We walked on to the mouth of an abandoned mine.

Since we rarely travel without lights, we decided to go in.

We walked into the darkness being careful not to trip on the holes.

When we got to a fork in the mine, we went left.

Soon, we got to another fork and we went left again.

The bats were flying and the air was so cool.

We turned off our lights.

It was as dark as dark gets.

My mind kept trying to create light off to my right side.

But there was none, no matter how bad my mind wanted it.

We walked out and into the perfect day and photoshop blue sky.

We decided to take a new route back to the pueblo

which would take us by a family of big red barrel cactus.

With the sun now in the west.

Everything is glowing.

Down in the valley some 4000 feets below us,

we can see dust devils and smoke plumes.

The clouds here are soft and wispy.

They float like angels and sometimes they just stay put.

The evening brought the usual parade of colors and sounds.

Today we go to the Montana Sagrada para Gueros.


The human body was made for walking.

The sky,

The earth,

The life.

We are walking in time.

In a magic show of light and energy.

Every now and then I forget that.

So I walk it off.

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Check out one good move,

they have some good clips for your Saturday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today I walked through Eeyore's at Pease Park, early on, before the crowd assembled. It was cold and windy for an Austin Spring. Yes, walking is good.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see now that these two posts(walking and the long way) are companions. Things are revealed in each.

10:48 AM  

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