Monday, May 23, 2005

The Creation

A couple of days ago, I ran into someone I had not seen in 3 years.

We used to be pretty close.

But we parted.

The meeting was nothing short of mystical.

And it reminded me fully that the

The Creation is a creation.

I know this sounds tautological.

And I guess it is.

But the truth is, the creation is recreating itself every moment.

Just as the cells in your body recreate themselves over and over again, so does all matter. The “you that you think you are” that existed 2 years ago is not the “you that you think you are today”. Except for a few cells in your long hair or in you nails, everything about you is new. The skin, the cells in the heart, the bones in your spine have all been replaced with new cells that are almost as good as the ones they replaced.

If they were exactly as good as the ones they replaced, we could kiss aging goodbye. Instead, we become creatures composed of brand new zeroxed cells that are 99.9% copies of the previous cells. It’s that .1% that makes our skin wrinkle and our eyes grow dim.

The Creation is recreating itself every moment in time. So the creation story that we all grew up with is just that, a story. The real story and the real creation is not what happened 6,000 years ago or even a billion years ago.

The creation did not happen.

It is happening now.

These words are part of the creation. Your mind reading these words and your being understanding or rejecting them is part of the creation.

It is more like a movie that we suspect.

It is useful, if not a required exercise to see the creation as it is…
A Creation.

As you watch your lover move from the chair to the bed, imagine an energy form, a ghost moving through a magical subtle fluid that responds to her presence by forming an energy charge or cloud around her energetic form. Imagine that as that energy form moves through time and space that it is being created by the creation at every moment.

Imagine that everything, every moment is being created at that moment.

Because, you see, that is what is happening.

That realization, truly employed into your operating system, will allow for more degrees of freedom in creative thought, which in turn, will lead to a more full and pure manifestation.

As J Krishnamurti says, “matter is organized energy”. Einstein said it backwords in E=MC squared. But if you divide this equivalency by “C squared” you get Mass = Energy divided by the square of the speed of light.

That sounds very close to the same thing to me.

Now, I know it seems a little too much to ask to act as if the creation is a magic field creating itself every moment, especially when you are waiting on tables or waiting in line, but the truth is, if you do act like it, it will respond.

If you do not, it will oblige.

Our minds can only be free when we become aware of the bars,

When we awake from the dream.

According to Don Miguel Ruiz:

"In the Mastery of Transformation, the Toltec divide people into Dreamers and Stalkers. The Dreamers know that the dream is an illusion, and they play in that world of illusion, knowing it's an illusion.

The Stalkers are like a tiger, or a jaguar, stalking every action and reaction.You have to stalk your reactions; you have to work yourself every moment. It takes a lot of time and courage, because its easier to take things personally and react the way you always react.

These reactions may only generate more emotional poison and increase the drama.

If you control your reactions, you will find that soon you are going to see, meaning to perceive things as they really are. The mind normally perceives things as they really are, but because of all the programming, all the beliefs we have, we make interpretations of what we perceive, of what we hear, and mainly of what we see.

There is a big difference between seeing the way people see the Dream,

and seeing without judgement,

as it is."

Then we see the creation for what it is.

A gift

I guess that explains why I broke out in hives today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me there is something missing here. Perhaps the Ruiz quote is taken out of context.

This is the truth. To give love and to receive love are the most powerful forces that (the organized energy of) a human being can experience.

It is from this capacity that creativity, invention and divinity are spawned. It is due to this superior capacity that homosapiens rank at the tippy, tippy top of the hierarchical pyramid of all life forms on earth. It is imminently possible that the pathological dialectically opposite path of this force could result in our self-destruction, 6 billion of us. To dismiss emotion as poison and drama seems naive. It was 70,000 years in the making, to evolve a chemistry in the brain to Create this force of perpetual Creation. Perhaps Ruiz meant it superficially, as it pertains to our cultural training. But lets not reduce the human experience to that. How do you feel when you watch the sun set or the moon rise? When your child is born? When your father dies? Would you, should you --miss feeling all that? And compartmentalize to desultory Mr. Spock "control"? Shouldn't we really be trying to purify and empower this force as we live fully in each moment? Isn't it because of this force, experienced through feeling and emotion as guide, that we come to know the truth of ourselves- and the ultimate unification of our souls?

"Fear comes from the selfish idea of cutting one's self off from the universe." Swami Vivekananda

12:22 AM  
Blogger Charlie Loving said...

When we are born into this world, from the moment we burst forth we begin to create. The brain is stimulated by all that is going on around it. If the brain doesn't learn about love and tenderness it (attachment disorder) never creates the synapses and cells that will allow that person to learn the poetic side of life. The baby becomes an "It" that has only the basic wills to survive.

This is of course an over simplification.

In a reasonable world Catalina is correct. In the unreasonable world we live in there are too many creations that are going wrong.

I am here now and what I create is in the now and maybe in the tomorrow . Sort of what is, is.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we could all truly see the drama that we individually create each day, what a healing could take place on the planet. To talk about The Creation in 500 words or less is an accomplishment.

We misuse the emotion we call love and create drama which then has a life of it's own.

This is separate from the idea that love is the unifying principle of the universe.

Catalina's discourse is not, from my perspective, at odds with your selection from Ruiz. Perhaps a different use of Love and emotion or different aspects - how and what the creation is and how we operate in it as we move through "time".

7:29 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

What thoughtful comments!

What happened here is the other side of another post. Yesterday, I spoke while eating a late lunch at the Liberty Bar of the crossing or intersection of the awakened mind with the opened heart.

Catalina's post does that nicely with her truth of the primacy of love.

CL s point seems true too.

And I agree with Anonymous.

thank you all.

My hives are better.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me like we always come across with the right people and the right reading when we most need it, and "Creation" did it for me. Speechless.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Sayonara Jupiter said...

i have just read the article and would like to transfer some information to you in the form of stream of consciousness output:
love is information. without love (information) we discern only one state of existence, 0 or 1. always on or always off.
if we discern 0 there is nothingness. if we discern 1 there is everything-to the exclusion of everything else.
if we discern love, we are receiving a stream of alternating 1's and 0's which are information.
information has a source and a destination. maybe, information does not have a purpose by itself. perhaps the "soul" or "spirit" is the purpose at large.
think of a digital bitstream. if i send you all 0-bits, i am sending you no information. if i send you all 1-bits, i am sending you no information.
given, you are aware that i am sending you all 0 or all 1. drink digitally from the cup of information.

earthfamilyalpha is transmitting information every day. human eyes cannot look directly into the sun without some detriment to the input device (eyes).

i apologize if the statements i have made seem too obtuse or disorganized. the paradigm shift to digital information is transforming thought patterns and humanity has no historical precedent except for the printing press.

are you ready for the digital revolution?

2:20 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

this keeps getting more and more enterestinger. 000110001001001000, very nice post S.

2:39 PM  

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