Saturday, May 14, 2005

"R" Values

In the energy world, an R value is fairly straightforward.

It is the resistance a material exhibits

to the flow of energy through itself.

In the political world, an R Value may not be so straightforward

Here is Jon Stewart on the Brutal Outing of another "R".

And here is Jay Leno.

And here is Tom Ridge covering his "A" with the "R"s

and here is his press statement making him a "L"er.

Speaking of Terror and Lies,

here is the BBC documentary that I posted a while back,

called the Power Of Nightmares.

It argues that U.S. neo-conservatives have exaggerated the terror threat.

It has now been edited down to movie length

and will be the thing to see this year at Cannes.

Even our own FBI reported the same thing.

And of course, "R" values are expressed in the continued support

of John Bolton,

Who has lied,



and stolen,

his way to the "R" top.

Where Condi says he will be supervised.

"R" values are not "E" Principles.

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Blogger oZ said...

Be sure to watch the Bolton video on truth out. It will make you realize how serious this nomination is.

12:49 PM  

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