Saturday, May 28, 2005


hanging in the air

Shudde has collected an index of newspaper stories in
Bastrop, Texas about local soldiers in WWII, headlines
that honored our boys, her friends, first love, sons of a
tiny community outside Austin, thick black farm land,
country roads you can still drive down the middle of,
tip your hat as you move to your own lane when an
oncoming vehicle appears, limestone court house, town
square. Her father was the local doctor. She has been
telling me that we don't honor our soldiers anymore, not
the way we did, that they are sent to wars that are wrong.
I say soldiers are recruited badly, knowing in past
centuries they were simply kidnapped. Now we trick
them. I say as a mother I do not give government the right
to kill my children, point to Jon, a Marine in Vietnam, say
I am profoundly glad he came home, but I'd have tried to
keep him from going in the first place. He says it's a good
thing sons don't listen to their mothers at the same time
Shudde says WWII was a good war, if we'd not fought it
we'd be saluting Hitler today, at the same time I shake my
head and say, "that's wrong" to Jon and "we are" to
Shudde. Wars don't solve anything. Hitler's rant and
fascism and genocide have surfaced here, in spite of the
blood debt of our finest young men and women. Amazing
how the issues of our time jump out in passing, three
people stop to chat at the end of a meeting, leave a
lifetime of understanding, questioning, huge issues,
the best and worst of us, just out there -- words, hanging in
the air.

┬ęSusan Bright, 2005.

Susan Bright is the author of nineteen books of poetry. She is the editor of Plain View Press which since 1975 has published one-hundred-and-fifty books. Her work as a poet, publisher, activist and educator has taken her all over the United States and abroad.Her most recent book, The Layers of Our Seeing, is a collection of poetry, photographs and essays about peace done in collaboration with photographer Alan Pogue and Middle Eastern journalist, Muna Hamzeh.

And words just can't describe this.

You must see and hear this for yourself.

Go to Catapult the Propaganda.

Watch it.

And just to remind you of the words that made this happen.

Go here.

Click on Bush vs. Gore oral augument.

And here are some words that should make you realize

that we are not in Kansas anymore.

Cox News

Amnesty International USA urged foreign governments Wednesday to use international law to investigate Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other alleged American "architects of torture" at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and other prisons where detainees suspected of ties to terrorist groups have been interrogated.

"If those investigations support prosecution, the governments should arrest any official who enters their territory and begin legal proceedings against them," said William Shulz, executive director of the U.S. branch of the international human rights agency.

Watch it here.

These are powerful words.

Are we listening?

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Bush vs Gore clip was pretty weird.
What a significant time that was.

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