Saturday, June 04, 2005

Disassembling Dissembling

Although there are some who believe that Disassembling

means to lie.

It actual means to take something apart.

Jon Stewart does a nice job here of disassembling the dissembling

here at One Good Move.

And here is one more call for disassembling the dissemblers.

And watch this video of Conscientious Objector

Aidan Delgado

as he disassembles the dissembling about Iraq.

If you don't know Truth Out Multimedia.

You might want to.

Finally, here is Danger Mouse and his Bush Boys Video.

In early 2004, DJ Danger Mouse became world famous for his “Grey Album,” the Jay Z/Beatles mash-up that sent hundreds of lawyers into convulsions. Months earlier, Danger Mouse had dropped his acclaimed hip-hop record Ghetto Pop Life. “Bush Boys,” an anti-Bush anthem with lyrics by MC Jemini, was part of that masterpiece. The video for “Bush Boys” is a collaboration between Danger Mouse and his longtime friend, video producer Alex Motlagh, who had access to CNN’s vast library.

This is serious disassembling dissembling.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice. thanks for the Bush Boys and of course Jon Stewart. For those of us who never watch TV, this blog is very entertaining.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was very funny. thanks

10:53 AM  

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