Monday, November 21, 2005

For the Future, from the Past

Not everything we have to learn is new (knew?).

Here is a story about the College Hall at New College in Oxford.

Legend is that the builders, in the 1300's, planted oak trees for a time centuries in the future when they would need lumber to replace beams in the ceiling.

It is a tale of optimism and wisdom.

The comments say that the story is likely myth.

I guess "myth" means the most advanced form of societal truth

- for only the greatest truth can survive as myth.

Ironically, one comment says, "[I]if you think back to a society where hardwood was the principal construction material, it is obvious that some trees in every wood had to be left to grow on, while the others yielded a crop of coppiced poles every fifteen years or so."

Happy Future!


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