Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Known Facts

While the charade goes on in Washington, this story from the Arab news tells a much clearer story of what is really happening in Iraq. Here's my edit of it:

The known facts:

The Iraqi Army largely consists of Shiite militias affiliated with a major US ally in Iraq, Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim and his Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI);

The ISCI’s Al-Badr militias have rained terror on the Iraqi people — mostly Sunnis, but increasingly Shiites as well — for years;

The Sadr movement and the ISCI are in a fierce contest in southern provinces, and the US allies are losing grounds quickly to the Sadr movement, which might cost them the upcoming provincial elections scheduled for Oct. 1, 2008;

The US wants to see the defeat and demise of Sadr supporters before that crucial date because a victory for Sadr is tantamount to the collapse of the entire American project (predicated on the need to privatize Iraqi oil and bring about a “soft” portioning of the country).

Hakim is pushing for what is being termed a super Shiite province with its center in Basra;

Sadr is demanding a unified Iraq with a strong central government.

Hakim wishes to see a permanent American presence in his country;

Sadr insists on a short timetable for withdrawal.

America’s major quandary is that Sadr reflects the views of most Iraqis.

His possible victory in the south in fair elections could position him as the new nationalist leader, and a unifying force for Iraqis.

The new enemy is now largely Shiite, and one which envisions a unified and free Iraq which controls its own resources;

Iran’s influence in Iraq has morphed to the point of guaranteeing a win-win situation, while the US is playing with a lot fewer cards;

US firepower has proven less effective than ever;

The upcoming elections could create a nightmare scenario whose consequences could remove the sectarian label from Iraqi violence and replace it with a nationalist one." more

The story we are told from our MSM is a big mumbo jumbo of sects and chaos.

The truth is.

The US wants the oil in Anbar. (the unproduced west)

And we must control Basra to ship it out.

Remember several years back, when all of sudden, you heard every reporter talking about sectarian violence in Iraq. Is was as if they were all reading from a script.

Remember when someone blew up the Holy Shrine?

Have you ever heard Sadr referred to as a nationalist?

No, he is always the Firebrand Cleric.

Oil hit 110 dollars a barrel today.

Weak dollars, finite resources, and military responses

to the all too human condition.

All are part of the

Known Facts.



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Thanks for this edit on the iraqi quagmire. The video really helped with understanding the issues

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