Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jeremiah and the Mare

Sometimes signs are not pretty things.

Yesterday, I remembered that H'R'C had told folks to put their money on the filly in the big horse race at Churchill Downs, so I decided to see how that bet came out.

"Oh My God", I exclaimed loudly.

Turns out that the filly, Eight Belles", broke both her legs after finishing second in the race several lengths behind Big Brown. She had to be put down right there on the track.

This morning at brunch, Respect is the Hub strongly objected to any comparison of the event to the presidential race. He spoke of how unseemly the whole thing was, having actually seen it happen on the flat screen TV in the Thai Restaurant a few blocks from his house. He remarked that all kinds of comments had appeared on Kos and that in no way should Obama be connected in any way to this tragic event.

I responded that I didn't see the event and then make some connection, rather I tend to live in a world that is connected, and from that perspective, I was curious how the event came out.

There aren't that many times that a horse, and for that matter a filly falls after a race, and is euthanized on the spot. And to my recollection, never has a female horse been made a symbol by a serious female candidate for president. The fact that "Big Brown" was the victor makes the event even more remarkable.

Respect is the Hub responded that by that measure then, Kerry should have won based on the sportonomic indicator of the Red Sox victory. I responded that just proved the election was indeed stolen.

Whether or not the voters, the press, the contributors, or the staff see anything in this occurance that gives them the spooks, or makes their spine tingle just a little, who can say, and for that matter, who gives a hoot.

But let me tell you, Chelsea was there. And this event may well be a memory for her that will, more likely than not, mark, if not mar her mother's race to the finish line.

I know there are a lot of folks out there who think that we live in a dead reality where it just happens that a bunch of molecules bump into each other in some field of gravity in a galaxy that spins around in something called space in a concept called time.
And, in all fairness, that is the way it seems to behave.

But I find all of these divisions of mind to be a bit illusory.

Yes, there are walls, there is this table and that chair, and there should be no connection between this horse race and that horse race.

But had Caesar listened to his wife Calpurnia when she had the premonition of her husband's murder, perhaps we would not be so careful on the Ides of March.

But I doubt it.

Just as Obama has had to suffer with his Jeremiah.

H'R'C has now had to see her Mare.

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Blogger respectisthehub said...

That's a pretty accurate recounting of our conversation, and let me say that I was more than a little amused by your instantaneous Bosox victory--->Kerry loss-->stolen election validation repartee, but the best story of the morning was told by your friend. It had a strong moral message about recognizing one's limitations before facing down a charging feral hog in South Texas with a Bowie knife and a couple of untrained pit bulls, who, unlike their owner will prove smart enough to remember that they left their limitations back in the truck.

It is all connected somehow...

11:30 PM  
Blogger respectisthehub said...

Although, now that I think about it, the oral history about the importance of showing good manners and proper tea service to the leader of a host of people coming to do you bodily harm also had strong moral implications as well.

11:37 PM  

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