Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Preserve the People

In a parallel universe in a galaxy not that far away.

Oil Hits 1000
by Max Stamp
EFA News Service

Oil soared to record highs again as traders and national governments bid up the price of the now dwindling commodity for a fifth straight week.

It was just five weeks ago, that the news of a newly developed genetically altered bacteria developed for cleaning up beaches and fishing habitats had somehow been introduced into the Gharwar field in Saudi Arabia. The bacteria, developed at Texas A and M University, is capable of eating the oil in the rocks and even the sand when introduced, thus converting the carbon to carbon dioxide.

Since the bacteria's introduction into the Greater Ghawar Uplift, there have been reports that the bacteria is now present in all of the leading producing areas of the world, including Cantarell in Mexico, the Mesopotamian Foredeep, and the Viking Graben (North Sea).

According to the inventor of the bacteria, Spiro T. Minderbinder, "once the bacteria has been introduced into the well head, it spreads like a wild fire into the producing zones eating its way through the formation until all of the oil has been converted into carbon dioxide. The only way to stop it is to cut the bacteria off from oxygen, which requires shutting the oil field in."

Even after the well and producing zone is shut in, the bacteria will remain dormant and will regain its vigor once the well is reopened. "The wells are effectively useless", said Minderbinder, who testified yesterday before a joint committee of Congress.

In what appears to have been a an extraordinary coordinated attack by an eco-terrorist group, which calls itself "The One", the world now finds itself in an extreme crisis and reevalation of its present consumer/corporate model of existence. Many are finding new ways to travel, new views on work, and a sense of community that had been lost.

All Airline travel has now been suspended except for government and public health needs. Gas rationing has proved to be unnecessary due to the 60.00 per gallon price. All highway construction projects have been stopped.

"It is actually cheaper to run my scooter on Mescal," said a Mexican farmer from Cedral.

As the airlines, car manufacturers, tourist industry, all prepare for bankruptcy or nationalization, other industries have seen their stock and profits take off. The Clean Energy Five Hundred, a list of the most actively traded renewable energy companies traded on the NY stock exchange, has quadrupled in price in just the last three weeks.

Local food coops and urban food plans are also experiencing rapid growth. Bicycle shops are popping up on every corner.

Another company called Light Airways, which creates virtual meeting rooms and living rooms for businesses and families allowing businessmen and families to virtually travel to their meetings and loved ones has also experienced exponential growth.

According to the web site of "The One", the following statement is the only post. (they do have a question and answer section which is very revealing)

When governments can not act to Preserve the People.

The People must act to Preserve themselves.

The group has been calling for a moratorium on coal plants and a complete departure from the fuels and processes that cause global warming and climate change.

When asked about how their actions will only force a global movement to electric cars powered by coal plants, the group leader simply reiterated the warning they issued six weeks ago.

"We must stop our fireburning wars and ways, or humankind will perish.
If our governments will not or cannot act,
We will.

President Aboma has indicated that the perpetrators of the eco-terrorist cell will be found and they will be brought to justice. However, it is rumoured that the group has a secret membership
of over 10 million.

Experts expect oil to top 2000.00 Euros a barrel by fall.

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