Friday, May 02, 2008

Tangled up in Blue

There is a dove in the air.
It sings over the truck in the alley,
the parade of cars in the front,
and over the soft rumble of
the Friday rush hour.

Another bird, one I do not know
is making a quick warbling tweetie song
that pierces through this soft evening.

Inside, the Boston Accoustics radio is on.
"Hey Moma don't you hear what I say,
I need your corn bread everyday."

I listen to commercial radio more now.
National Pentagon Radio wears a little thin.

"Win a 100 dollar gift certificate
just in time before Mother's Day. "

Now I hear the occassional burst
of testosterone and Fat Tire beer,
as the last weekend of finals passes
into a summer that will pass
like a passing jet.

Maybe the ice in the Arctic will
continue its retreat into oblivion
this summer.

Even as half the democrats
and all the 'R's try to cripple
our great half white hope,

and gang up together to pass more
money on to the oil companies
in the name of the muddle crass.

Maybe we will see so much crazy rain this May,
that even Senator Inhofe gets it,
as he watches his house float down the Red River.

Maybe the global food riots will grow in intensity.
And we will all see the face of our insanity
in the bottom of a rice bowl.

Maybe the worst president ever will start another
misadventure in the mideast,
as the summer heats up,
and the rest of the world grows cold.

I'm going to go work out,
have dinner with friends,
and talk to my partner,
who is out of town tonight.

We will talk of next week,
with Carolina on our minds.
We will chat about our week,
our work, the war.

We will go on with our lives
until the water washes
the beams from our eyes,
and the hate from our hearts.

As Bob says,
"If it keeps on Raining,
The Levee's going to break.'
and we'll all be



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