Thursday, June 19, 2008

Foundational Beliefs for a Respectful Society

Seven Proposed Principles for a Practicing Respectist

The primary goal of a respectful individual and a respectful society is to practice and promote respect for self, others and place.

Failure to recognize the importance of respect is the human-made crisis that drives all other human-made crises.

No crisis suffered by human beings can be made better until enough concerned human beings give to the respect that binds us all.

Respect for self, others and place must be the hub principle for all human law, so that even a small child can see, understand and follow the rule from which all other rules are made.

Honest and listening dialogue is the essential tool for resolving conflict without violence, a failure of respect which should always be the absolute and true last resort in any necessary defense.

Respectful individuals must work together to readily identify those who abuse power and keep them from power.

Love is the soul of respect, and respect is the language of love.

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Perhaps respectism* is the necessary word, meaning that we don't just need respect, we need theory about its importance and possibility. In short, to get to the moon, we have to believe we can fly.

*"Respectism" is presently at 144 Google hits, many of them relating to Tou Ger Xiong's Project Respectism, "an educational service project that uses comedy, storytelling and rap music to bridge cultures and generations."

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Blogger respectisthehub said...

A happy and blessed Juneteenth to all.

7:43 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

Thanks r.i.t.h., this a powerful and cogent statement for the primacy of respect in our social lives and within the web of life itself.

9:12 AM  

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