Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking Beings Who Feel

At the end of a radio inteview last week, the host for the next show came into the studio and began to complain to the hosts of our show that once again, they were late. Our show was on green energy and her show was about "elevating consciousness".

Since I felt that I was primarily responsible for the 60 second overrun, I listened as she (the incoming host) made her point. She had a call- in that was to start on the hour and she was concerned that her listeners would tune in and tune out if the show wasn't on. She was unhappy but not angry.

As I walked out, I thought to myself that if she had just been listening to our show, she could have used what I was saying as a nice transition into her show about higher consciousness. I mean really, what is higher consciousness if it is not being one in the moment.

Towards the end of our show, I was talking about transductional boundaries, and how division itself is an illusion. I was speaking from the context of energy and the boundaries and walls that we erect of course, and how in the future, we will begin to understand that all of boundaries should become more and more transductional. That means that energy from the outside in the form of photons will be converted to electons where they might be returned to their photon state on the inside of the boundary wall as light.

Likewise, the infrared light from our bodies might be collected by our walls and used to power our computers and other tools.

In my mind, I see a unified energy matrix where photons and electrons are constantly being transformed back and forth to provide us light and energy, remove heat, and power our tools and transportation appliances, as well as provide the medium to communicate and transfer consciousness.

Well, our consciousness host was too busy getting her show to start on time to worry about such matters.

When I got into the car, I decided to tune her show in, and I'm glad I did. Her call-in guest was talking about feeling and thinking and she said something that has been running around in my mind ever since.

She said that, "we are not thinking beings that feel, we are feeling beings that think".

And that is oh so true.

Most of the weirdo "Rs" that I know who, in my view think really poorly, think just fine. It's how they feel that drives their thinking. They are mad at so called big government, they feel like their tax money goes to welfare moms who don't work, they hate gays, because they are afraid of becoming one, they love their country, their truck, and their myth of America that issues from their favorite country western radio station.

"God Bless the USA".

Most "D"s are no different.

They feel the injustice in our capitalist/corporate world. They resent the hippocracy of protecting the unborn even as we bomb those who are alive now. "D" types feel the corporate take over of the world and they fear the fascism it breeds. They feel in their bones that its wrong for a CEO to make 100 times more money that the folks who are actually doing the work.

And because we are indeed Feeling Beings that think, instead of Thinking Beings that feel, we erect a belief system around our feelings that validates those feelings.

I learned long ago that I could not win an argument with my right wing brother. We rarely change each others minds with worn out things like facts and rational thinking. And in the political world, its rare that someone changes their beliefs, at least not until something happens to them that makes them feel differently.

If their sister's husband gets sick, and goes broke, even with a job and a health plan, they suddenly see things differently. If their son dies in the war for oil, their feelings shift.

Progressives need to learn this, because the R's have it down.

Obama would make us feel good again, even as McCain would continue the fear.

Will the fear of death trump the love of life in this national plebicite of feelings?

Will gathering more oil win over harvesting our renewable energies?

Will "war and division" win over "peace and harmony?

Thinking Beings who Feel will likely tip the scale.

What do you think?

How do you feel?


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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

it has been studied a lot, the right brain and the left brain are at odds. Both sides think in different ways.
As to the CW radio and CW music I read a study that Blues, Jazz and Country reflect the mood of the public at large. I also saw a list of the bands that will play at the GOP convention. "Beach Boys." What does that tell us?

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we are in trouble. You are correct that the thinking beings who feel will take this one. I hope I am wrong. I feel very sad about all of it.

So, I act as a conduit, making calls pushing information along... and hope some more.

2:26 PM  

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