Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav Moving West?

As far as I know, there are no models that presently show Gustav stopping at the coast and heading west from there. But if you look at the satellite, that's exactly what appears to be happening. In fact, it appears to have gone back into the gulf if anything.(It didn't)

Meanwhile, Gustav is not moving in any direction very fast right now, and according to the radar, these folks are getting a lot of rain.

Looks like the 2:00 o clock run of the models are getting pretty confused here. The NGFDL has Gustav heading south into central Texas. The HWRF has it turning south sooner than that. The GFS has it going in a big circle.
In the meantime the nasty rumors about Governor Palin and her pregnant daughter are not true, because you see, she is already pregnant. You can't make this stuff up..

Gustav is not going to flood New Orleans. Even though the surge is up to the top of the levees, they are holding.


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