Friday, September 05, 2008

Liberty and Justice for All

This is going to be my first post with my new macbook. I'm in the mountains again.

The drive yesterday was marvelous. The entire drive was as green as I have ever seen it. The desert areas are blooming and the grass on the side of the road is 18 inches tall. The purple sage is turning the desert landscape into a electric landscape of color that would make "the riders" proud.

On the last leg of the trip coming up the cobblestone road, the grass is actually growing between the stones giving the road a green hue.

After I got into my house and settled in a little with the safe crossing toast and the cuerta aerial fireworks announcement bomb, I went down to the Cafe Azul to get a crepe. (yes they have crepes in Mexico) In a few moments, the sky let loose and rain poured down again on this mountain town.

In a half an hour or so, it slowed down enough to make it to the new bar up above the cathedral named Amor y Paz. Here, I met with the architects from Switzerland who are designing the new market, and with Marty, the owner of the internet cafe which has a live web cam looking out over the village.

Soon, We were joined by Humberto, the don of the pueblito. He and his lovely Swiss partner and his three daughters run the place.(along with several other hotels and businesses in town)

I drank don Julio and the others drank mojitos and the local mescal.

I tried to communicate the ridiculous situation in the United States where the new "R" nominee for VP is purported to have said that "if the pledge of allegiance with under god was good enough for the founding fathers it should be good enough for us."

Of course, the pledge was not even written until the late 1800's, and it wasn't adopted until 1942. The words "under god"were added in the 1950s.

It reminded me very much of another woman politician.

Ma Ferguson, a governor of Texas, once said in defense to her denial of bilingual education that, ," if English was good enough for Jesus it's good enough for our Mexicans".

At breakfast this morning, Charlie Tomorrow (a Berlin born painter now in R 14) said that the election of Obama would be a great global event... that peoples from all over the world will celebrate the return of America to a more sane foreign policy and more importantly, to the role of providing the global leadership to provide peace and justice and prosperity for all.

And that is exactly what the pledge says,




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