Friday, October 03, 2008

The Past is Prologue

I'm sitting in a little cool room just off of the bay a few minutes from Sausalito. The air is cool and the fog is covering the mountains in the background. The bailout bill has passed and Mr. 20% has already signed it. Ironically, I guess we can thank the "R"s and the hold out "D"s for getting in the renewable energy and plug in hybrid credits into the bill. As the bill passed, the Dow dropped about 200 points. Go figure.

Last night, Sarah Palin made it over an expectations bar that was lower than a professional limbo contest. Biden did well, and Palin was able to do her folksy gosh golly thing without interruption from Ifel who apparently didn't see the need to ask Palin to actually respond to the question she asked. If anyone failed last night, it was Ifil.

The polls are moving in Obama's direction as the current financial tsunami continues to wash the standard handfull of wedge issues from the ears and eyes of those who will vote against their best interests when times are OK, but not when they are wondering if they are going to lose their job AND their savings in the next few weeks.

And let me assure you.

The carnage in the credit markets is real, and it has wide ranging implications. If you have a lot of money (and I mean a lot) in money markets, just try to get it out right now. If you are the CFO of a truly large organization, you know what I'm talking about.

All kinds of crazy stuff is happening or threatening to happen.

And I doubt if this bailout deal will do much to fix that.

I suspect that WE ARE ON THE VERGE of something very powerful and very game changing. As the Europeans call for a global solution to the credit crisis, even as Mr. 20% and his Wall Street head of treasury congratulate one another, the wheels of capital are spinning off the axels of the global economy.

Four years ago, when I started earthfamilyalpha, I made the case that we don't need to win elections if we want to shape the world in a more respectful and more caring way. We can forge new relationships, and new inventions of social contract that will be capable of providing the health care, the financial foundations, the networking, the housing, even the food we must eat through a new world of organized cooperation, not competition.

We are so accustomed to the present, we bind ourselves to the past even as we blind ourselves to promise of a new future.

And we will do that until we have exhausted that present.

And we have thrown out the past.

In answering one of Palin's vapid responses last night,

Biden said that the past is prologue.

He is right.

Until we prove him wrong.

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