Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ugly Face of Fear

The McCain campaign has gone insane. And here's the reason.

With the markets collapsing and uncertainty facing us all, folks get weird, especially when their leaders incite them.

And the media needs to call them on it.

We must transform the ugly face of fear

with courage and understanding.

And we must be strong enough not to hate.

Or our dragons will run wild through the valleys.

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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

The little people could care less about Wall Street out here in rural Ndew Mexico. We are
going door to door.

They want to know if they will have a job next
month and next week. Things for the guy on the street are bad. A truck
driver asked about the sure charge they have to pay? The questions are
very plain. I can't afford gas so now whar can I do?I I am not going to be able to afford
Christmas. What is happening and when will it end?
Will the school district be able to afford a football team, a basketball team, etc. (Artesia) I don't know if we can buy turkey for
Thanksgiving? My store has no customers. There are no tourists.
(Alamagordo) The ski areas will be hurt bad. (Apache). A Trillion or a Bazillion doesn't matter. The little guy needs a fix now and is so pissed at a guy who makes amillion a month to consult the turn red and have fits. The Wall Streeters had better watch their backs. I f these redneck whites, redneck Mexicans and redneck Americans get pissed enough Homeland Security bar the door.


6:30 PM  

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