Friday, November 28, 2008

Respectism and the AK-47

Respectism is the simple belief that the universal practice and promotion of respect for oneself, others and place is a pragmatic necessity for human survival.

Until we truly have that epiphany, we will not be green, we will not be kind or just, and we will not be able to work together to solve the massive problems created by our weapons and our waste.

We are the problem.

We just need to admit ourselves to the solution.

The AK-47 assault rifle is legendary for it's user friendliness and rugged construction. Any child over nine can easily operate it.

Let us not waste the terrible, costly wisdom we have learned from the AK-47 about tools that can be made to work in the hands of children.

If we are to survive and grow into a true civilization, the human population living beneath this miraculous halo must have a simple and durable principle to guide us, one that can be taught to toddlers, but which can also instruct our leaders.

If you have read this far, please consider this question.

Can we possibly have a better world for ourselves and our children without the universal practice and promotion of respect for oneself, others and place?

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Perhaps respectism* is the necessary word, meaning that we don't just need respect, we need theory about its importance and possibility. In short, to get to the moon, we have to believe we can fly.

*"Respectism" is presently at 182 Google hits, many of them relating to Tou Ger Xiong's Project Respectism, "an educational service project that uses comedy, storytelling and rap music to bridge cultures and generations."

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Anonymous Bea said...

I haven't read ALL of it, but Respectism is my favorite word :) In fact, it should be a religion :) " To respect the belief of every human being" -just a share :) Keep it up~! -Miku

2:48 AM  

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