Monday, December 22, 2008

All the King's Men

As the first day of winter arrives, it's helpful to remember that even though it is the longest night, it's also the first day of the waxing sun. For the next six months, the days will get longer. I spent the weekend putting lights on everything... trees, bushes, the lawn, the house... I even put bright red lights on the railing around the back deck.

I would well imagine that people from space, watching our rather young uncivilized culture develop, would give good reports to their supervisors that "the living forms" on earth seem somewhat developed. They seem to brighten their habitations and settlements as the incidence levels of the sun increase, and they seem to do so with a clear understanding of their solstice.

Whether or not, a waxing economy will follow the sun is another question. As one reader and contributor notes (CL), "great falls do not always mean great recoveries".

"I am not much of a consumer, so I have only been to Starbucks once or twice and do not like their over priced coffee much.

I am an Arranda's person and like my food from places like the taco stands on Caesar Chavez. And I buy my clothes from Goodwill almost always. I like the place and I enjoy poking around used stuff. "

Here's his list of closings:

Starbucks 600
Linens'n Things gone
Ann Taylor 117 stores closed
Eddie Bauer 29 stores closed
Cache 23 stores closed
Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherines 150 stores closed
Talbots 78 kids stores closed
J.Jill 22 stores closed
The Gap , Banana Republic, Old Navy 85 stores closed
Foot Locker 140 stores closed
Wickes Furniture gone
Levitz furniture gone
Zales 82 stores closed
Piercing Pagoda 105 closings
Disney stores 98 closed
Children's Place 220 gone
Home Depot 15 stores closed
Comp USA kaput
Macy's 9 stores closed
Movie Gallery 400 of 3500 closed
Hollywood Video 520 stores closed
Sprint 125 stores closed
Ethan Allen 12 stores closed
Wilson Leather 158 stores closed
Pacific Sunwear 154 stores closed
Sharper Image 90 stores closed
Dillard's 6 Stores closed
GMG malls value 24 billion dollars owes 23 billion went bankrupt
KB Toys 356 stores closed
Circuit City gone

Yes, this long night brought on by probably the worst president in American History (including Hoover) , is very likely the beginning of a long hard economic winter. But in all fairness, it was not all his doing.

And, it wasn't just the doing of Reagan and his "R"s,

This great undoing is the doing of an economic system

that is based on consumption.

We ignore externalities

while embracing unlimited growth,

in a world run on finite resources.

And all the Kings horses,

and all the Kings men,

cannot put Humpty

back together again.

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