Saturday, February 28, 2009

Willful Deception

When I was young, and George Will was too, I used to think that even though he was a conservative R, Will was a special kind of thinker, more like the Father of the Conservative movement, William F Buckley.

For it was George Will who once said that here in the US, we privatize profits and socialize losses. We might conclude that this kind of honesty must reside in a man of integrity and enlightened intellect.

Apparently it does not.

George Will is willfully deceiving the American public about Climate Change, and his credentials as a thoughtful and considerate observer of Public Affairs are now not just in question, they have been drowned in his sea spittle of misrepresentation and literary guile.

This issue of course is his two recent opinion pieces in the Washington Post on Climate Change; however, Will has been saying lazy stuff about climate change for many years.

I can imagine Will himself speaking to his own behavior:(if it were not Will)

Will: One of the most important freedoms we have in this country and one of the most important freedoms for any functioning democracy is the right of the people to speak their mind. It is essential.

However, suppose a fire starts in a theater in one of the dressing rooms, and the manager of the theater comes from behind the curtain and appears before the audience to inform them that, it fact, there is a fire in the back; and, even though there is no smoke in the theater at this moment, there surely will be soon, so please begin now to calmly remove yourselves from this building.

And suppose that a well respected Theater goer stands up and tells one and all, that he has been to this theater hundreds of times and never before has there been a need to head for the exits due to some rumor of fire.
Moreover, this well respected citizen further urges everyone to stay in their seats and to demand that the play resume, and this hoax perpetrated by the officials in charge of the theater be revealed as some play for publicity or monetary gain.

And there in disbelief, the manager of the hall watches as this well educated, well regarded patron of the arts convinces the crowd to not only not leave, they begin to demand that the play resume.
The manager screams to his patrons, "Believe me, I know of what I speak, this man speaks only from his mind, not with his senses."

Yet, the crowd remains, still demanding that the show resume.

Moments later, a dark curl of smoke glides up to the fine chandelier, and within moments the maroon velvet curtain on the back stage entrance suddenly burst into flame.

"Fire" yells the well dressed woman in row B. In moments, there is panic as the room fills with smoke, and evening dresses are soon trampled as the exits are overrun.

In such a situation, Will would eloquently argue, the Rights of the uninformed, overly confident citizen to speak his mind in the face of overwhelming evidence presented by the professionals in the field are abridged by the nature of the danger and the urgent need to act immediately to prevent unnecessary death and suffering.

Will would argue that the uninformed rube who endangered his fellow citizens should be held accountable for the deaths that ensued from his improper and uninformed behavior.

He would argue that such an individual should be put on trial for such nonsense... not only in the name of justice, but more importantly, in the cause of providing useful guidance to those who might consider repeating such behavior.

And in this case, he would be absolutely right.

Willful deception in a time of public endangerment

Is not just wrong,

it's a crime.

And Will should be fired.



Blogger Charlie Loving said...

"Fire! Fire!" We scream it at the top
of our lungs yet there educated people such as Mr. Will who just don't get it.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the history of science is the old guard never gets it, but the young do.
we began building solar in everyone's houses thirty years ago, we would have it today, but right didn't want it, and left thought solar needed to be big, huge plants, not the wimpy stuff.
but you don't catch people saying jimmy carter was right, we had our chance.

6:57 PM  
Blogger hterrya said...

Who says George Will doesn't "get it?" Will "gets it" just fine. He knows he is lying. In the interest of the corporate system he faithfully respresents, he has lied his entire career.

He's been carrying water for those he represents for so long he's fooled folks like Charlie Loving into thinking he is "educated." He is not. Any "education" he may have received has been put on the back burner to serve his greed and avarice.

George Will is now, and always has been, an enemy of the people of the United States (and the world), if it suited the purposes of his corporate sponsors.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this past week, NASA had the failure and loss of the Taurus XL Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) satellite. A $278 Million, 9 year development effort to more accurately scientifically measure carbon in earth's atmosphere. One might suspect sabotage at its failure, given the depth of ongoing opposition to the fact of climate change. It is likely that we would have discovered a picture much more grim than we know, had the satelite's launch been successful.


2:43 PM  

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