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The Seed Cleaner

We went to see Food Inc the other night. It's really quite good.

Here's the trailer. And here's the opening of a decent review from the Boston Globe:

"As you might gather from the title, Rob Kenner’s documentary “Food, Inc.’’ is, in part, concerned with the extent to which industrial food production has replaced farming in America. It’s part activism, part school-assembly lecture.

If you’re told where most fast-food chains’ ground beef comes from, how much E. coli is in it, how much ammonia has been added to kill the E. coli, and how many illegal immigrants the meatpacking companies recruit, underpay, and leave prey to police raids, will you still want to eat that double cheeseburger?

The filmmakers are guessing no." more

But the part that got me was the part about seed and Monsanto. Monsanto has developed seeds that are "Round Up" ready and they want you to pay to plant them every year. They own it and you can only use their seed once.

And, if you don't plant or use their seed, and your neighbors do, and you end up with some of their seed in your fields, you as the farmer have to prove that you didn't use their seed. It's not exactly the kind of thing that farmers are real good at.

Ultimately, even though you are planting the same seed strain you've been planting for years, you may be pulled into court by Monsanto. Monsanto is not very happy about the way the movie portrays them. They are so unhappy, they have dedicated a lot of their web site to setting the truth straight.

Monsanto says:

In agriculture, plants and seeds with enhanced traits or genetics may be patent protected. This is true in the U.S. for plant varieties as well as biotech innovations. Monsanto is one of many seed companies that patent their innovations. Growers who purchase our patented seeds sign a Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement — an agreement that specifically addresses the obligations of both the grower and Monsanto and governs the use of the harvested crop. The agreement specifically states that the grower will not save or sell the seeds from their harvest for further planting, breeding or cultivation.

In Food Inc, there is an older man call Maurice Pharr, and he has a machine that cleans seeds for replanting. Monsanto doesn't have much use for that.

Food, Inc. Fiction: Maurice Parr, a seed cleaner against whom Monsanto took legal action, claimed he settled with Monsanto because he could not afford the legal costs of going up against the company.

Truth: Maurice Parr operates a seed cleaning business in Indiana. Mr. Parr had received many clear communications about the patent law around Monsanto’s patented Roundup Ready® soybeans, and he knowingly disregarded this information. Mr. Parr confused farmers about the law regarding patents, which led to some of his customers breaking their contracts by saving seed as well. Mr. Parr did not “settle with Monsanto.

Rather, Mr. Parr took his case to court, and the U.S. District Court in Lafayette, Indiana issued a permanent injunction against Mr. Parr prohibiting him from cleaning Roundup Ready soybeans."

However in the next paragraph, Monsanto discloses their settlement:

"Monsanto has agreed not to collect the damages awarded against Mr. Parr as long as Mr. Parr honors the terms of the court order."

And or course, Mr. Parr did not take Monsanto to court as their language implies, Monsanto WAS the plaintiff.

Mr. Parr was leaning on his HISTORICAL understanding that farmers have rights to their seeds. But in Monsanto's world, that right should just as well be gone. So they must destroy the seed cleaners.

There is something beyond evil with Monsanto's behavior.

Like the railroad tycoons of 120 years ago, or the oil tycoons of 80 years ago, they have gained a monopoly in the fields of our farmers.

And when the Seed Cleaners are gone,

Farming will be in their hands.

There is a saying about never eating your seed corn.

These folks are making it the law.


rape seed field art courtesy of adam dabrowski art

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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

I watched the trailer and it was interesting. I knew almost all this information on Monsanto and Cargil and the other mega agriculture companies a long time ago. Many people die because of the corporate policies of these companies. There isn't enough space to reveal all their crimes in the name of progress.

Don't eat would be a solution. But we can't do that. Everything has chemicals added even the natural foods get tainted from the air we breath.

Then there is that MSG bathed fried chicken or are they genetically engineered monsters that taste like chicken?

The picture gets worse and worse.

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that one movie with an orthodox perspective can be seen as the bible. I have absolutely no ties to either this movie or the food industry.

Please look at the cases of Richard Jewell and David Kelly. (query on wikipedia)

1) if the public story is true, their lives were ruined and lost due to rumors and public beliefs
2) The public side of stories are rarely true, at least in part, if not all

If that is not clear, ask why do so many people make a living off of public relations? Or talk to someone who has had their story reported locally or nationally.

Monsanto has their PR people, and this movie is also part of a PR campaign from another side. Save the $8 and live well without having a movie explain the world to you.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Christina said...

Monsanto is a bully. I was aware of that before Food, inc. I strongly believe in supporting small local farmers as well as doing for my family all I am able to do myslef. Half of my family's food is provided by my garden and chickens. I also purchase real, raw foods that I use to make bread, ice cream, noodles, cookies, cakes ect. We don't all have alot of space but we can all grow a tomatoe plant and some herbs. Many of us can even raise a few hens and bake our bread.

11:10 AM  
Blogger pigeonman said... has an article relevant to the issue of gmo'd seeds. we have also known these crimes have ensued for years - it is like a dictatorship. there is no stopping it unless the government steps in and monies are given to the gov't in droves by them - sadly it is and will remain a conundrum that will most likely never be solved.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The film is now showing up on PBS' program "POV" for those who wish to see it.
BTW, the seed cleaner referenced in the film is Maurice Parr (no h), for anyone seeking further information. Monsanto has definitely devoted a chunk of its web site to responding to the film.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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