Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Long Dawn

It's totally amazing but this November marks 10 years of Earthfamilyalpha. When I started it, George Bush had just been reelected and the thought of 4 more years was just plain brutal.  Over the next four years, I posted over 1300 posts on technology, philosophy, advanced tech, and the earthfamily.

My ideas about large scale human coops still hold true to me, but their time is still not upon us.  But they are coming.

Also during this November I gave the luncheon speech at the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association 30th annual meeting.  I cofounded TREIA and led it actively for its first decade.  The two part video of the speech follows:

Here is the first

And here is the second


Earthfamily Principles

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Earthfamilyalpha Content III
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