Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Mania

Most of us look forward to March Madness, especially if we are B ball fans.  We get to watch the NCAA playoffs as 64 teams turn into 4 until one finally wins.  This year it was Villanova.

But every four years we have super Tuesday and the big primaries in March.

And this year, it is indeed madness.

How a substantial number of Republicans can vote for a guy who is  (or was) a casino owner is way beyond my power to add or detract.  Here is a guy with some of the most god awful taste known to  bad taste.  He has had 3 wives, with the most recent one posing in the nude in his jet with fur and jewels.  Now that's a first lady I can get behind.

His money came from his Dad who made his money in Brooklyn leasing his apartments to white people.  One of his most famous tenants who lived in Beach Haven wrote a song about him after he left in disgust.

I suppose
    Old Man Trump knows
    Just how much
    Racial Hate
    he stirred up
    In the bloodpot of human hearts
    When he drawed
    That color line
    Here at his
    Eighteen hundred family project ....
 Woodie Guthrie 

When his son decided to join his Dad in business, the first thing he did was use Daddy's contacts to get some public money.  His history is just as tawdry as his art collections and home decor.

According to Wikipedia:

In 1971, Trump moved to Manhattan, where he became involved in larger construction projects, and used attractive architectural design to win public recognition.[41] Trump initially came to public attention in 1973 when he was accused by the Justice Department of violations of the Fair Housing Act in the operation of 39 buildings, including false "no vacancy" statements, and sham leases presenting higher rents to minority applicants, to facilitate the denial of housing to racial minorities.

Trump settled the charges in 1975 without admitting guilt, saying he was satisfied that the agreement did not "compel the Trump organization to accept persons on welfare as tenants unless as qualified as any other tenant."[43] The Trump Organization was again in court several years later for violating terms of the settlement.[42] 

Now this is real presidential material.  Yet, look at his delegate count:

And here is the end of March and early April

Amy Goodman and others ask:

"Fascism: Could it happen here?" That’s a question increasingly being raised as Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues his bid for the White House. People as varied as former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, actor George Clooney, comedian Louis C.K. and Anne Frank’s stepsister Eva Schloss have suggested Trump is a fascist. Earlier this month, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto criticized Trump by invoking the fascist dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini."

AMY GOODMAN: What is fascism?

ROBERT PAXTON: Well, fascism is a mass nationalist movement intended to restore a country that’s been damaged or is in decline, by expansion, by violent attacks on enemies, internal as well as external enemies, and measures of authority, the replacement of democracy by an authoritarian dictatorship.

Make America Great Again.

This is March Mania.

The Democrats have been fun too.

Bernie is giving Hillary a real run for the money.

And he has actually raised a lot of it.

But the coming General Election between Clinton and Trump

is going to be Hell.

I could write a lot about this but I won't.

It's too painful.

For this March Mania will not end soon.

I miss Barack Obama more and more each passing day,

and we still have him being the great president that he has been.

He has been dignified and smart,

and measured and responsible,

and a great gift to this nation

and to the World.


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