Monday, November 28, 2016

Potluck Internet

Part of our primate/hunter-gatherer heritage is to sit around and share food, preferably with some small children running around.

It's not just the calories It's the social energy, as essential to our health as sleep and exercise. These gatherings should never be confused with work where food is present, such as a lecture, meeting or group work sessions.

Feeling depressed about current events?

Plan on regular get together's with like minded family, friends and neighbors: lunches, potlucks and even Tuesday night dinners. Schedule these islands of respite, warmth, sanity and love into your life now.

Remember, some of the best ideas are famously drawn on napkins or start as joking conversation.

Suggestion: Keep these regular and informal gatherings entirely off line. They may become so very important in the future.

Let us remember the wisdom that we have learned from South Park.

"There's no internet to find out why there's no internet!"

Groups of kind people sharing may become our only reliable internet.


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