Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Death of A Nation

I woke up in the middle of the night.

There was this terrible feeling...no surely it was a dream.

It wouldn't go away.

I went back to sleep.   But when I awoke at six, it was still there. The radio went on.  And it went on and on.  And on and on. I could no longer act as if my mind was playing tricks with me. For it was hearing the death of a nation. (listen)

Donald J Trump had been elected president.

This nation's first woman president would not be....Not for now.

We had been at a poll watching party where we had watched Obama win twice. Having checked out the exit polls in the afternoon, a Clinton victory seemed imminent. And then the night turned black.

But alas, even as Hillary builds her popular vote lead to 2 million votes, 110,000 votes in the blue neck woods behind the Blue Wall in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan succumbed to white male identity politics and flipped the electoral college on its head.

To follow the first black president with the first female president was a bridge too far.

Consider this from Bill Moyers and Company:

By Tamara Draut

"Resentment won this election. It was a middle-finger, throw-caution-to-the-wind, damn-the-consequences vote — cast overwhelmingly by white people.

Only white people had the luxury and the safety to ignore Trump’s promises to restore law and order, to deport millions of immigrants and to endanger Americans who practice the world’s second most popular religion. His phony economic populism was the icing on the cake — the cherry on top of the dog-whistle sundae. It was not the driving motivation behind Trump voters.

A quarter of Trump voters said he was not qualified to be president, yet still voted for him to lead the country. Trump was as likely to win affluent voters — individuals making more than $100,000 — as Clinton. This wasn’t a working-class revolt.

It was a white revolt."

And as of today, all of Trump's appointments have been white males.

Meanwhile the man who never settles, settles his Trump University lawsuits for 25 million. And today, he  admits that he used his foundation illegally to pay off other law suits as well as support the criminal antics of James O 'Keefe's Project Veritas.

November 22 has been a big day of sadness for over 50 years. Black Tuesday 2016 will no doubt rank in that pantheon of troubles.

It is the Death of a Nation.

And this time, it won't be East Timor. It will be the east sides everywhere.

Trump's offenses to the Republic will be legend by the time he is finished.

On the less than black side, this victory will galvanize those of heart who aren't going to take it.  It will bring about real and formidable resistance to the autocratic alt-right government that is hatching in the towers  of our own Gotham City.

Most importantly,  it might even bring us to understand that we must soon reconsider the mind form of the nationstate,  and instead use our advanced communication tools to create new inventions of social contract that transcend the geographic state.

These cybercoops or cyberstates will bring humankind to higher levels of cooperation and understanding.

And it will bring us comfort.

"I followed his shadow right out of the bar
And we talked all night 'neath the light of the stars
He said, "This used to be a cradle of civilization
Now look what they've done: it's the death of a nation."

Ian Hunter


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