Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our World Tower

Less than a month before the Russian hijacking of the American election, we visited upper New York State and then we went down the Hudson to the City.  At the time, it seemed impossible that the world would be hurling towards the warped political space we are about to enter.

Oddly, as we walked down Fifth Avenue, we saw Drumph and his black caravan of SUV's arrive at his own Tower.  At the time, he was mired in his own taped and documented ocean of character flaw and his path to the White House was more a crack.

Here is our video from this happier and less dangerous time:

And here is the video we shot six years earlier:

I actually like tall buildings.  I get some kind of satisfaction from them.

But to make a big building maker the leader of the free world?

That's as dumb as making the largest oil company in the world,

our state department.

Our new One World Tower

looks more like Our World Tower.


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