Saturday, June 30, 2018

Why Didn't I Know That?

I read. A lot. I suppose you do too.

I watch MSNBC and CNN.  I look forward to Rachel but I often watch the whole line-up.  If there is a commercial, I flash over to CNN.

I listen to NPR almost every morning and afternoon.

And I spend a lot of time on the WEB, probably too much time.  I follow Talking Points Memo, The Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars, The Raw Story, Politicus, Politico, Think Progress and lots of other sites.

But I feel like I'm a little starved for the real stuff.  That's why I go to the Bill Moyer Russian investigation time line. And when I learn something there that isn't everywhere I wonder,  Why didn't I know that?

Like, Why didn't I know that Paul Manafort was partner with childhood friend Roger Stone way back in the dirty glory days of Nixon Republican politics.  And that when they weren't doing slimy campaigns with Republican operatives like Lee Atwater, they were doing slimy gambling casino work for a New York mafia connected developer named Donald Trump.

Why don't I know that the father of the former Russian Ambassador Kysliak, who was brought back to Russia last year after meeting with Trump campaign officials, was the head of the KGB for decades?

Why don't I know about Donald Trump's trip to Russia in 1987 when he was still married to the east European Ivana, and that the Russian government arranged and paid for the whole trip, including staying in the KGB Hilton right next to Lenin's tomb which has more bugs in it than an east Texas cottage without screens.

Why don't I know that Donald Trump's banker at Deutchebank is the son of a soon to be retired Supreme Court justice, who seems to have retired at the optimum political moment.

Why don't I know that 100s of millions of dollars in real estate sales of Trump properties were made to Russians for cash?

Why don't I know that Donald Trump used the New York Mafia to construct the Trump Tower, the home of Donald Trump and Paul Manafort.

And why don't we all know about Donald Trump's taxes?

And why don't all of us see that Donald Trump's positions to weaken NATO, offer money to Macron to leave the European Union, put tariffs on our allies and trading partners, add Russia back to the G8,  recognize Crimea as part of Russia, and generally do everything else are the signs of Russian puppeteer strings ?

We do know that over 20 of Trump's campaign officials have had contacts with Russian Agents before, during, and immediately after the campaign.

We do know that the Senate committee investigating Russian influence in the 2016 concurs with our Intelligence Agencies that the Russians worked to elect Donald Trump and to damage Clinton.

We do know that Russian agents broke into the National Democratic Party's computers and that those stolen emails were released by Wikileaks and that Roger Stone, Trumps meta-advisor knew of it before most. And we know they were released soon after the Trump pussy tape was revealed.

We do know that Trump is a serial liar.

We do know that Trump is racist.

We do know he was abusive to his first wife.

What I don't know, is

How is it that this Manchurian President gets to appoint another supreme court judge while under criminal investigation for collusion with a foreign power?

And why don't we all know that an illegitimate President 

cannot make legitimate appointments.

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