Monday, November 30, 2020

The Wicked Witch





It was the Saturday morning after the election on November 3rd.  I was listening to NPR thinking that the election should be called anytime now. Throughout the week, I had actually watched many of the key states flip.  First it was Wisconsin, then the next day I saw Michigan flip. Pennsylvania seemed to be an impossible task given the 700,000 vote shortfall from Tuesday evening.  Then, as Wednesday progressed, the shortfall in PA fell to 350,000.

Meanwhile Arizona was called for Biden by Fox and the AP on Tuesday night.  And Nevada was tight but looking good. With those two states, along with Wisconsin and Michigan, we were at 270 electoral votes-the magic number to win the electoral college.  The glum mood from the night before lifted. "We are going to win" I told my partner and my colleagues  Wednesday morning.

Election night we stayed home of course, but we did schedule a zoom party with about a dozen of our closest political breathren. 

It was brutal.  

We had lost the senate race in Maine, and Governor Bullock was not going to win in Montana.  By later in the evening we knew we had two pick-ups in Arizona and Colorado, but the expected loss in Alabama cut Democratic gains to just one.  North Carolina was going the wrong way with lover boy Cunningham, and Iowa was soon the pipe dream it was all along anyway. Flipping the senate was becoming totally out of reach given the D's would need to pick-up  2 more seats.

Most of our friends signed off by about one, but I stayed up late and got to see the turnaround in Wisconsin. It allowed me to go to bed with a glimmer of hope.

Wednesday morning I woke up and checked the New York Times sites and actually saw Michigan flip in front of my eyes.  On Thursday, it looked like the massive shortfall in PA might be surpassed and by Friday, it became clear that Biden had won Pennsylvania.

My vote total of 270 was now 290.  Then low and behold, the lead in lowly Georgia was chipped away to the point that the new electoral vote total was 306.  

306 to 232

Wasn't that the vote total four years ago, but the other way around? The answer is yes.

On Friday night, we had dinner outside with a politically astute couple.  We wondered when the race would be called.  Johnny said it would be Saturday morning.  I agreed.

So, I'm laying in my mountain of pillows, listening to Scott Simon (my favorite news host), waiting for the moment.  Then my partner rushes in having received a text from her first cousin in Seattle.

Biden has Won.

We get up, turn on TV, and listen as all the networks including Fox announce the new president-elect.  We walk outside and we hear cheers in the neighborhoods.  By now, crowds are gathering at Times Square and Columbus Circle.  As the networks expand their coverage, it becomes clear that Americans from all over the country are gathering and celebrating in the streets.

My partner and I breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Tears fall on our cheeks.  I tweet, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, The Wicked Witch is Dead.

It was as if we had been liberated from a cruel evil tyrant.

Our mood further elevated as the numbers came in for Georgia and it became evident that both Senate seats there would need to go into a runoff.  Miraculously, the chances of flipping the senate upgraded to a fighting chance, especially with Stacey Abrams leading the charge in the turnout through her Fair Fight org.

At Thanksgiving, we once again invited folks to join us through Zoom.  We each shared what we were thankful for.  I was last because I was cleaning up the dishes.

"I'm thankful that we now have a vaccination for Covid.

And I'm thankful that over 80 million people voted to remove the worst President in the history of the United States."  

It didn't go over so well.  Family is not friends.  And most of those folks, like many others in this country, still believe the lies of the cult leader they follow.

Now, four weeks after the election, Biden leads in the popular vote by over 7 million votes, one of the largest popular vote victories ever.  In a few days, the electoral votes will be cast and a few cult members in the Congress will raise a stink, just like the D's did in 2016 and 2000.

Meanwhile, the Plague stalks the Nation. Cases are over 200,000 a day.  Hospitalizations are over 100,000, and a 9/11 of death occurs every day as our foolish yet dangerous despot cheats at another round of golf.

Ding Dong the witch is dead.

Which Witch?

The Wicked Witch.

The Wicked Witch is Dead

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ha! glad you pissed off family!
what is wrong with those people...
but yeah, whew, we did it--he's gone
(we hope!)
hi from California, take care

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