Monday, July 18, 2005

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Last night, while at a going-away party for an aging rock and roller,

I found my way to the back room where I spied the host

and his new wide screen notebook computer.

Of course, I couldn't stop myself.

I was compelled to see how my site looked on that big screen.

I asked the host if he read any blogs.

"No", he said.

Now, this guy is cool.

He was wearing a yellow dog Democrat t shirt,

and his house is full of all kinds of guitars, and amplifiers,

and keyboards, and drums, and PA's, and notebooks with sheet music

draping out of every little nook and cranny.

So immediately, I fire up his browser, and I am on line,

typing in addresses, and saving earthfamilyalpha,

then Eschaton,

then Kos,

then TPM,

then Buzzflash,

then Truth Out.

I didn't have time to get Information Clearing House.

I certainly did not have time to show him my personal favorites

like Jim Kunstler's Clusterfuck Nation

or lesser knowns, but friendly up and comers like Flying Talking Donkey

or Code Three.

And I showed him how many of these each have a list of links.

Now, when you ask someone, "do you read blogs", and they don't,

the first thing you get is, "Oh I would, but I don't have time".

And they are generally somewhere between a little apologetic,

and a little miffed or passively hostile that you asked.

It's kind of like asking someone if they still have sex.

I guess it's really none of my business.

But really now, if you watch one minute of TV,

you have time.

Watching any of the news and commentary these days

is the neural equivalent of sending your brain to the vet

to be put to sleep.

Like I told someone,

Why do you think they call it programming?

And what about the advertising for Christ's sake?

I mean, how much beer can you drink as you drive your shiny sportbutt

to the reality tv show football tryout, bratty blonde, all you can be,

bore down dumb up war whoop?

I was visiting with someone else at the party,

and commented that I don't know how anyone

can get any real news or information anymore without going out

and getting it for themselves from wherever they can.

I opined,

that we should use the resources we have while we still have them.

And don't think that we necessarily always will.

Bill Gates is helping China block its citizens from sites right now.

This blog is blocked in some places because it has a DDR rating

of over 200.

Don't ask me what a DDR rating is because I don't know.

I do know that the only smut on this site comes from the

crap that Scottie puts out.

We should use all the resources that are available now and

we should begin to build our own cybercommunity of contacts,

favorite places,

and blogs.

This linking, this cybercommunity is the true beginning

of a World Community.

So here is the new Earthfamilyalpha Links page.

It will grow a lot.

As will we.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice setup left jabs...
I don't need a right cross, but I hope the aging rocker decides to blog tomorrow...

Wouldn't want to see anybody's feelings hurt.

cesare you da man!

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still watch the news hour on PBS, but they have gotten worse and worse faster and faster.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the "send your brain to the vet" line is priceless.

12:24 PM  

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