Saturday, August 20, 2005


Here is a major league new democrat

who got 48% of the vote,

in a district that went 64% for Bush in 04.

He is Major Paul Hacket.

He was on the Bill Maher show,

because Cindy Sheehan had to cancel.

And here is Jon Stewart on the sucker pitch Iraqi Process

that the Iraqis are completely, totally in charge of.

It's their process, not ours, its a process.

We were just walking by one day,

and noticed that we needed to spend 2 or 3 hundred billion dollars,

waste 20 or so thousand lives,

and privatize their oil reserves while we are at it.

And here is the fastball.

Watch how Michael Scheuer, the author of Inside 9 11 burns this fastball right past hardball pinch hitter O'Donnell in his interview last night. The pitch comes in with such speed and accuracy that it hits the glove, and is called strike three before the always infuriating O'Donnell can get her lameass bat off her lazy brained shoulder. It's a thing of beauty. Scroll down to War in Iraq, a disastrous decision.

O‘DONNELL: And, finally, the president has made the case that winning the war in Iraq is central to winning the war on terror and making sure that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda cannot take—harm the United States. Is that true, if we win there, will that help?

SCHEUER: No, ma‘am. The war in Iraq has broken the back of our counterterrorism effort. I‘m not an expert on the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, but the invasion of Iraq has made sure this war will last decades ahead and it has transferred bin Laden and al Qaeda from being man and an organization into being a philosophy and a movement. We‘ve really made sure that the war against us is going to be a long and very bloody one. Iraq was an absolutely disastrous decision.

I clock that fast ball at well over 110.

That's well over Hardball IQ.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice. well worth the watch.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Condi is too much. literally

9:09 PM  

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