Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Milagro

The topo map above shows the line of darkness on the earth

at about 5:00 PM this afternoon.

You can see that the north is all bright,

and the the south is totally in darkness.

You can also see that Greenland and Antarctica

are bright red.

That's because they are gigantic piles of ice,

10,000 feet deep.

In Spanish, the word for miracle is milagro.

Those little animals, hands, cars, hearts, and eyes,

that are sold in front of the churches in Mexico,

are called Milagros.

Here is Jon Stewart on this week's Miracle.

And here is Bob Novak flipping out,

walking off the set on CNN,

which is my version of a miracle.

And here is the milagro we need.

But in the fullness of things,

We already have our miracle.

And this earth that we ride around on certainly qualifies.

Every day and night we ride our mothership

which is traveling at 66,000 miles per hour

through space and time.

We are traveling in the outer sectors of a rather

insignificant galaxy in a universe of galaxies.

We are held to our mothership with a mysterious force called gravity.

All around us is a liquid that is made of made of two gases

that is essential to our lives.

Our carbon bodies are actually more like jelly bodies

filled with the product of these two gases.

Energy from our nearest star

lifts this liquid so it may fall where it may,

sometimes with a great burst of moving gases,

and often with plasma discharges accompanied by strong vibrations

in the surrounding gaseous environment.

Carbon compounds which abound on the thin surface

of our molten hot spaceship take in this precipitate,

and with the energy from our nearest star,

and the minerals from the thin cool crust,

manufacture more carbon chains.

Larger more complicated systems of carbon chains

use these lower chains to to add to and replace their own carbon chains.

Even more complex networks of these carbon chains use

these systems to build on their own platforms.

From these systems, neural systems which recognize themselves,

begin to create electronic impulses and systems of consciousness.

These extreemly complex systems of consciousness

are capable of creating even more complex systems

and networks and patterns of movement and consumption

which can alter the face of the mothership itself.

These complex systems,

like any fruit.

May fall to the ground,

And they may find a new home in the crust.

And grow in a new season.

And become a new tree.


Or they may become Stars themselves.

In the Milagro.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice. MS

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The topo map is worth so many words. The giant red ice caps make a very strong point.

However, you seem to be saying that we will not be able to fix this, that our culture will fall,that we will become a seed in the earth at best.

Then you add the star line.

What do you mean?

2:01 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

We have a choice.

To go to seed.

Or go to the next evolution.

7:34 PM  

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