Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Known Knowns

NOLA was not the only city that was evacuated last week. Another city of 250,000 was evacuated because of a rain of bombs, the ill winds of war, and a flood of bad judgements.

Here is the story from Information Clearing House.

"The siege of Tal Afar follows a familiar pattern of brutal American incursions into densely populated areas under the pretense of fighting terrorism. It is a ritual that is repeated endlessly despite the dismal results. The Pentagon seems to prefer these grand displays of military strength to anything that might produce a political solution.

The remaining occupants of the city have reported the killing and maiming of innocent women and children, the use of chemical weapons, and the predictable destruction of Mosques and holy sites.

In Tal Afar the Pentagon's "Hearts and Minds" program seems to be running at high-gear.

Tal Afar; crackdown in the Sunni Heartland
By Mike Whitney
09/13/05 "ICH"

There was no doubt that Donald Rumsfeld would use the cover of Hurricane Katrina to mount a massive attack in Iraq, and he didn't disappoint. The military conducted a 10,000 man invasion only to find that the city had been abandoned and that the Iraqi resistance had slipped away without incident.

Not one foreign fighter was captured during the siege despite claims that the city was a haven for foreign terrorists.

Colonel Greg Reilly told Al Jazeera that the resistance "went into hiding, avoiding us. That's why there's no fighting..They are not putting up a fight".

Did O'Reilly really expect the poorly-armed resistance to march into battle against Abrams tanks, helicopter gun-ships, and F-18s?

The resistance applied classic guerilla tactics and "melted away" before they were confronted by the greater force leaving the Marines with nothing to show for their effort except a few random prisoners.

Nevertheless, this hasn't persuaded the Pentagon to modify their plans of savaging the remaining cities in the Sunni heartland. They still cling to the vain hope that increasing the violence will quash the resistance.

Iraq's Prime Minister Al Jaafari has shown a surprising enthusiasm for the Rumsfeld's blitzkrieg against the Sunnis. He gave the siege of Tal Afar his personal blessing and said that the hostilities were being conducted "on his orders". He also announced that he was contributing thousands of newly-graduated Iraqi soldiers to the war-effort, even though his decision is bound to be unpopular among the Iraqi public.

Al-Jaafari has now put himself in the same position as his predecessor, Iyad Allawi, who lost all credibility when he authorized the invasion of Falluja. This shows the shortsightedness of the current plan.

If Rumsfeld wants to pass off al-Jaafari as a viable political candidate, he must appear to be independent of American influence. By endorsing the attack on Tal Afar, al-Jaafari looks like just another American stooge carrying water for the occupation. Ultimately, this will undermine his legitimacy and disrupt the plan to create a credible "Arab fa├žade" to disguise the administrations intentions.

There's very little to discuss about the botched siege of Tal Afar.

The assault follows the same basic blueprint of jack-boot tactics we've seen in similar acts of American aggression. Tens of thousands of lives were disrupted and possibly ruined through forced evacuation, massive property damage has been sustained throughout the city, the mayor resigned in protest of the invasion, the public is more polarized than ever, 152 people were killed in the bombing with countless others detained indefinitely, the resistance fighters escaped unscathed, and the Red Cross reports that the offensive has created a humanitarian crisis that is beyond their limited resources.

In other words, the entire operation was an utter failure. "

Sound familiar?

We know we know what we know.

We also know,

that they don't know Peace,

or even who the real enemy is.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

George and his friends still have the support of a number of hardcore people out there. I talk with them and they will not let him take any blame. They
have so little to hold on to. We wonder how the Germans could support someone like Hitler? George is no Hitler (?) but is showing that he wants a, us against them world.

America, can admit no wrong. Thank God we have Halliburton to rush into Bagdad and New Orleans and make vast sums of money

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is easy to have the attention side tracked with the disaster on the Gulf Coast and forget that there are parts of the world where tragedy is an every day occurrence

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evil is evil; it cannot bring about good. War is not a means to peace. J Krishnamurti

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we don't know what we don't know we know.

2:45 PM  

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