Sunday, October 02, 2005

Electrocerebral Awakening

Instead of watching the Sunday Morning Corporate crap fest courtesy of the General Electric, Walt"the rat" Disney, Viacom, and the Australian Billionaire's Faux News, go to Truth Out multimedia instead.

I have the best experience with media player with them for some reason.

A British Anti-War Perspective with George Galloway,
Respected Member of British Parliament 09.30.05

A Day of Civil Disobedience Washington, DC 09.26.05

Progressive Democrats of America Washington, DC 09.25.05

A Massive Convergence For Peace in the Nation's Capitol
A Film by Chris Hume 09.24.05

Then enjoy this satari decisis piece from Saturday Night Live.

And here is Jon Stewart with the POTUS trying out his Jimmy Carter sweater (it doesn't fit).

And here is Jon with "your doing a heck of a good job playing the blame game" Brownie.

Finally, here is Boxcar in Boston.

And if you can't get out because you've still got duct tape on all your doors and windows, there is always Link TV.

The best way to arrest corporate electro cerebral silence syndrome and bring your neurons back to normal functioning is to stop the daily dose of programming.



If there are warnings that cigarette smoking causes cancer, there should be warnings that corporate TV causes brain death and political impotence.

I did see Junebug last night and it was pretty complex. It's sort of Red State, Blue State Tennesee Williams psycho thriller with air conditioning.

Don't let the opening music throw you off.

There is plenty of grit and grind here.


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Blogger oZ said...

I guess because Earthfamilyalpha has made it into the blog world's top 1000 this last month, we are now getting comment spam.


With the rose comes the thorn.

So I had to turn on the word verification which is really person verification to slow it down.

Its pretty easy.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truely hate television my self. And I hate myself for watching.

Of course being an ex sports writer. I read the sports page first and feast on the box scores and how many pitches Wuznick threw and how many fumbles were lost.

Since I got free cable and have HBO and Cinemax and 100 channels and the former tenants left me with three televisions all hooked to cable outlets I watch a lot of television. Football season is best five or six games at the same time. With a cable splitter I can see three games at the same time. And then I will rail upon how awful it is to watch teevee. But I like the sports part. Mindless and meanginless as it is to reality. There can be arguements about that too.

But in theory I agree with Oz here.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Un-hooked myself from the boob tube. I don't own a TV. I love my life without TV.

What TV delivers is a continuous stream of:

80% Sewage Filled:
Cynicism, resignation, negativity, nihilism, propaganda, spin, manipulation, abuse, disrespect, mind and spirit numbing programming, AND the bonus of killing-off new possbilities for you, your loved ones, our nation, and our world.

20% Sweetened with:
Hypnotic Entertainment

Please, continue to feed your kids some more putrid programming... it is an empowering gift that provide access to living powerful and meaningful lives.

While you watch your kids get bloated on this rot; don't forget to get your own fix.


9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen. i don't watch the news. I do try to remember to watch NOW with Brancaccio but I have gotten lazy about it.

I don't watch anything on TV except a rare showing of MASH.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that 95% of everything on tv is reruns and in the 58 years I've been watching I certainly have seen it all, time and again. So now I pay attention just 5% of the time. News magazines and a few favorite live shows, like The Daily Show, Real Time and the opening monologues of Letterman or Leno. Other than that, if it is on at all, I nod out a lot.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Charlie Loving said...

I watch the weather a lot. The weather is pretty easy to fathom. It rains, the wind blows and it is either hot or cold. But wht just naws at me is the way it is presented.

What a bunch of dopes the weather guys are. Standing there in a 80 mph wind to show that the wind is blowing. By accident I saw a UNIVSION reporterette get bonked on the head as a tree blew down and smushed her. Live and in living color.

Weather can now be angry, mean, happy, and so forth. The weather people are all frilly and if they do know anything they can't tell us. The whole thing has turned into a cartoon that is getting as meaningless as the Fair and Balanced news.

The weather faie and balanced, with Pedro Dumnik, "Today a happy cloud tripped in from the Gulf and sprinkled us with a few drops of..."

7:25 AM  

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