Saturday, October 29, 2005

Restoring Faith

Yesterday, we heard something that we have not heard in a long time.

We heard from a professional.

We heard from someone who loves justice.

We heard from someone who is smart and confident.

We heard from someone who is not afraid to say (scroll down)

"I haven't thought it through,

so, I'm not going to give you an answer."

We heard from someone who is not afraid to use the word "duck"

when he doesn't answer the question,

or that "he took a dive" on that.

The prosecutor Fitzgerald restores my faith.

He restores my faith in the hope that justice and equity

will trump partisan lies and positioning.

It restores my faith in the hope that our system

can deal with the real issues of this day.

It restores my faith that humankind will make the right decisions,

once all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Last night,

I met an author who asked me to take a look at his newest manuscript.

As we visited,

it became clear that he sees the world with the same pallette

that I see the world.

He sees the perma frost melting.

He sees the plankton count dropping.

He sees the oceans becoming more acidic.

He sees the coral reefs in decline from warming waters.

He sees the artic ice cover receeding,

and the blue water collecting more sunlight,

where the white ice once reflected it.

He sees the Peak of oil production.

He sees the exponential rise of poor leadership.

He sees that humankind is on brink of a great trouble.

If we can drop the partisan play for power,

for a renewed sense of union to solve the true problems that face us,

We can navigate through these coming stormy seas.

If we drop the fake issues, the fake morality, the fake freedom,

the fake democracy, the fake understandings,

the fake wisdom, the fake religion,

the fake divisions in our world view,

that blind us and bind us,

We can find our way to a new shore, a new horizon,

and a new world.

The prosecutor Fitzgerald reminds me

that one man of good faith and intelligence,

can do much to change the world.

Many men and women,

from many worlds and cultures,

can do so much more.

And there is so much to do.


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* Rene Magritte


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice work Oz. Fitzmas was not all I hoped for, but it did come, and it may keep on coming.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post - elegant and heartfelt. The prosecutor renewed my faith a bit as well.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutely. amen and amen. glory be. praise the God of honesty and courage.

10:41 PM  

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