Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nuestro Suenos

art courtesy of maria's children

Nuestro Sueno

I heard these words in a song while I was eating breakfast.

There should be a little thing over the "n",

but I don't have a spanish teclado or wiziwig.

What are they?

What do we want out of this life?

What do we want

from our world,

our government,

our technology,

our institutions,

our friends,

our neighbors,

our family,

our lovers?

I'm not sure we know.

Or perhaps, we do.

So, let me try, without sounding like a Coca Cola commercial.

I want a world where the great pillars of civil society,

Justice and Freedom,

are constantly tugging on each other.

I want a world where the rich don't exploit the poor.

where the old don't exploit the young or the unborn,

where the smart don't exploit everyone else too badly.

I want a world where I am free to think,

and free to move about the whole of the earth,

or space for that matter.

I want a world where the little children are safe

to run in our green spaces and parks,

Where old men walk late at night.

And young girls giggle on the square.

I want a world where I am free to talk or write

without the listening ears of those who have power.

I want a world where energy is for everyone,

just like the universe itself.

I want a world where food is like water,

water is like air,

and the air is pure and free.

I want a world where to pollute any of these

would be unthinkable and a crime.

I want a world where war is as unheard of

as slavery,

And colonial slavery is uncultured and immoral.

I want a world run on pure energy,

free of the burning ways of the past,

and free of the political dilemma it brings.

I want a world where energy is not conserved,

it is spread and multiplied.

I want a world where knowledge is understood,

and not worshipped.

I want a world where each of us knows ourselves,

deeply, honestly, and with humor.

I want a world where we bring that knowledge

to the supper table of our shared experience,

the blood of our existence,

and the sacred fire of our lives.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this vision of a world honored.

Thank you for this heartfelt wish,

this prayer,

this dream,

this intention,

this creative outpouring

of, as Gibran says, "life longing for itself".

7:34 AM  

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