Saturday, January 14, 2006


Here is a really funny piece on a Texas town

that is not afraid to make a deal.

And here is a story that will make you weep.

It reminds me of the movie I saw last night.

Syriana is a bit slow,

but the development of the characters,

and the human face it puts on the coming

showdown in the Mid East is an important contribution

to the understanding that we must gain,

in order to avoid the logical consequences

of our present petro policies.

And speaking of loss and tears,

for an update on NOLA, go to Crooks and Liars ,

and scroll down to "NOLA left behind".

There is a lot of dissonance in our lives these days.

Cognitive and otherwise.

In case you don't know what it is,

Here is one definition.

"Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. It therefore occurs when there is a need to accommodate new ideas, and it may be necessary for it to develop so that we become "open" to them. "

I was wondering what this was.


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