Sunday, January 01, 2006

Losing the Old Year

While having a drink in a luxury hotel in Zacatecas, I noticed that the New Years Eve party that they were promoting was not to bring "in" the New Year, but rather to "lose" the old year.

Somehow, that appealed to me and my sense of the year, and what transpired during it.

It was a good year to lose.

This year saw the reinstallment of an administration that brought a country to war under false pretenses.

It was an administration that continued to build up huge deficits while asking for more favorable tax considerations for the wealthy. At the same time, programs for the poor and the needy were cut. Student loan programs were reduced.

This same administration has now been found to be illegally tapping its citizens in the name of fighting terrorism.

The list goes on.

Yet, as big and important as these issues are, the posts that appear in Earthfamilyalpha are generally not focused on these issues.

The issues that are truly creating the news behind the news are Peak Oil, Climate Change, the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, and hyper-accelerating technological advancements.

This brew of forcing issues is making our world the world it is today.

And it is a toxic brew, indeed.

Here is a pretty good story on climate change from the Independent.

And here is a peak oil/peak gas story which should serve a portent for the reliability of our future natural gas supplies, which are primarily in the hands of Russia and Iran, just as oil supplies are primarily in the hands of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

It is my hope that as this new year progresses, more and more people will awaken to our situation and that they will begin to sort out for themselves how to respond as individuals, families, communities, states, and as a global community to the challenges that lie ahead.

For if we are to solve these problems, we must acknowledge them in the public domain and within the political processes and bodies that we participate in.

It is also my hope that more and more people will begin to see that in order to regain our power within these structures, we will need to create that power with new structures and new inventions of social contract.

This can and probably will be a good year.

And we can each help make it that way.

As Captain Picard says,

Make it so.


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OZ Note: this post was corrected, see comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain Picard. Kirk said "Energize."

Yes, to a good year. Thanks for all your good words and work. I am always moved by earthfamilyalpha.

2:22 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

do that then. thanks for the correction

8:18 PM  

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