Friday, January 13, 2006

The Real Nature

Yesterday, I attended a meeting to help develop policy

for clean energy development.

There were many types of businessmen in the room.

There were three women too.

There were PV distributors, and PV manufacturers.

There were bio fuel guys, and wind guys.

There were lawyers and utility reps.

There was even a Russian with a new, more efficient method,

for breaking water into hydrogen.

(I told him to call me)

The meeting was held in a research center.

There were doors that would lock you out,

if you wanted to go out to the scenic outside.

Our meeting room had walls that blocked our cell phones,

because the room had once been a secure room.

The development around the area was environmentally rich.

There were trees and walking paths...

There was none of the standard ugliness of the standard western car city.

But, it was a car city.

Perhaps as nice as a car city can be.

I'm sure all of the ratios were good.

But even though the streets were lined with trees,

and there were no Chucky Cheeses in my face,

it was as if, the car city was under a triple coat of makeup,

A little like the mother in Brazil.

But somehow, the real nature of it showed through.

Don't get me wrong,

I credit the developer and the visionary behind the place

with trying to do the right thing.

But often, you can't do the wrong thing


Later in the evening,

I did something I didn't know I've wanted to do for years.

The fake fire place in this lovely home had a remote control.

The host told me that their last fake fireplace even had a remote

that would allow for the control of the size of the flame.

I got to push the button and start the fire.

Then I pushed the button and put the fire out.

It gave some weird surreal sense of control over nature.

And it made me laugh.

But the real nature of it,

made me realize how far we've come,

and how far we have to go.

And now I have to go back there.

If they will let me in.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw one of those over the holidays that came via a dvd played on a black cabinet tv set into a real fireplace.
But of course it had a remote control. It was so realistic, even with a sound track, that it "warmed" the space. When it got too hot they switched to "aquarium."
What was really hot was the dvd itself which quickly sold out as a "must have" before Christmas and people were pirating it.

9:18 AM  

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