Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We Are So Screwed

Let me be blunt.

We are so screwed.

You know you are screwed,

when the former Vice President and actual winner

of the presidency in 2000,

calls for a Special Council to investigate the crimes

of the man who stole the election.

And the powers that are, support the powers that be.

You know you are screwed when the world's leaders,

in response to the pleas of the world's scientists,

to take climate change seriously,

and immediately initiate policies which will help mitigate it,

become paralyzed by their own lack of vision,

and their fear of the loss of capital market support.

You know you are screwed when the world spends

a trillion dollars on arms but can't feed or house its poor.

You know you are screwed when the answers scream out,

but the world bank and the financial houses remain silent.

You know you are screwed when lies become truth,

and truth is buried like a found cadaver from a dark alley.

You know you are screwed, when the president blatantly

breaks the law of the land,

and proudly proclaims he will do it again and again.

You know you are screwed,

When the Russians launch an Iranian spy satellite,

When China buys their oil and gas,

and Israel prepares to bomb them

using American bunker busters.

Many years ago,

I was moving my Grandmother's piano.

We put the grand old upright into Dick's truck,

and we roped it down some.

I drove in my car in the front of the minicaravan.

The road we had chosen had a hairpin curve in it

because of some construction.

As I negotiated the curve,

I knew.

The piano would never take the G Force.

I parked immediately and ran back to the curve,

screaming, "stop, stop",

Only to see my Grandmother's piano flip over the side,

and roll over onto the dusty shoulder of the curve.

We should have been more careful.

We should have tied it down better.

We should have taken another way.

We still can.


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* art courtesy of David Willardson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's to comment on?

I remember the day you lost that piano. MS

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mickey knows.

The piano story speaks volumes.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks OZ, you are on a roll.

3:01 PM  

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