Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Danger Within

Last night we had dinner with old good friends who live outside of town.

We had gone for a little ride in the country to check my PO Box,

and we ended up at their delightful grey wood house of spacious porches,

Where bird feeders and bird baths abound on the grounds,

and high quality binoculars perch readily on the table in the corner.

There you can stand and identify the large population of birds

that choose to habitate around these friendly bird watching spirits.

When we arrived, they were getting their broadband hooked up.

They had even purchased a "link sys" wireless router.

Their caller ID aurally announced the caller, so we screened effortlessly.

We listened to Bob Dylan and to Bruce Springsteen.

We even used a phonograph.

Towards the end of our dinner,

We began to speak of politics, and of course,

"Who will the Democrats put up for President".

Once again, I offered that Warner would be the smart, formulaic approach.

Hillary, of course, was seen as a sure show maker,

another "thrilla from manilla", that would indeed delight the media,

and make everyone a lot of money while insuring another four years

of Republican hegemony.

Generally, when I'm asked about national politics anymore,

I respond that I am a transnationalist.

Last night, as is often the case, the notion was marginalized.

"You have to be in the real world", my friend said.

I tried to make the case that climate change was changing everything.

I tried to make the case that peak oil was going to make the world

a very difficult place to "live in" in the very near future.

I tried to make the case that politics as usual will simply be a recipe

for calamity.

Nobody much listened.

Later in the evening,

One of our hosts got really hot and bothered about the nomination of Alito.

In this house of so called liberal minded people,

she argued forcefully, almost belligerantly,

that Alito would not simply be an apparachik of the right,

but would instead be a judge of reason and prudence and wisdom.

Yes, the hottest moment of the night was about a supreme court judge.

Not the sure calamity we are bringing upon on children,

and our civilization

through the ravages of an unstable more energetic climate.

Not the sure war and instability and misery we are bringing

upon ourselves,

as the nations attenuate their wars and struggles

for the last half of the oil.

As we approached dessert,

I recounted the story about how the German people actually believed

that they were going to be attacked by the Poles.

It was in their newspapers.

It was in the speeches of their leaders.

And they believed that the danger was out there.

When all along,

The Danger was within.

In the real world, you see,

We make our problems up,

while we hide from the real ones.

We drove home.

The light struggled

to pierce the thick wet air.

It was late, and foggy,

and dark.


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Blogger Urban Denizen #512 said...

"I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is, and not as a comment on my life." - David Ignatow

You're like the best film Oz. I did not not appreciate you best until I settled into myself, had time to reflect, only to revisit, and come to love.

Maybe it is presumptuous of a kid decades your junior to write, but: YOUR ENERGY is never wasted...as soon as your constitution is more permeable and less impervious, that energy will renew. Pun intended.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if the Repugs nominate Rice. What a media spectacle that would make with the racist-Hillaryhaters having to weigh out their multiple personality agendas to vote for the candidate they least hate. Ah ha, like being torn between two hatreds.
Surely a majority of the electorate would be able to see through that tokenism, a black female stand-in for the
neo-cons--a sheep wrapped in black, morally warped and ineffectually distracting enough to let the hidden power brokers continue to run the business protectorate that is our facist leaning government.
The blood letting campaign run against Donna Howard, who was victorious despite it all, might signal a reawakening of right and reason. Candidates must stand FOR something greater than merely becoming clay pigeons for the sound bite target practice American political campaigns have sunk to.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your analysis about climate change and how it will change everything. And the Change has just barely begun. There will be no place to hide. Balance is centuries away. Indeed We are fools and the sky is falling.

7:37 PM  

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