Friday, February 17, 2006

Wars on Nouns

We were eating dinner last night talking about the day.

The blog was breaking a new record, thanks to Crooks and Liars,

the Veep shooting victim story was still running its course,

and meanwhile, the UN is telling the US to either try the prisoners

they locked up after 9/11,

or let them go.

There is a new wave of evidence of horrible prison abuses.

There is more evidence that the Greenland melt is accelerating.

There is more evidence that government minders are trying

to control the opinions of the weathermen at NOAA.

There is more evidence that there was no evidence of WMDs.

And now there is this undenyable evidence that our leaders

have moments of reckless endangerment that result in serious injury,

To others,

To the nations,

To the earthfamily.

This is this same leadership that has brought the world

the War on Terror.

There have been other Wars on Nouns.

There was the War on Poverty.

Johnson gave us that.

And we are still losing it.

There was and still is the War on Crime.

We lose that one everyday.

And of course, there is the War on Drugs.

Which, according to the conservative National Review,

has resulted in the a significant erosion of civil liberty.

We have lost our liberties and the war on this noun.

Now we have another war on a noun.

And, it will be the mother of all wars on nouns.

We will lose our civil liberties, while gaining an imperial unified executive

that can declassify, reclassify, imprison, try, and convict,

enterpret, obey as it sees fit, and ignore the Constitution

unilaterally and with impunity.

We should all be nervous about Wars on Nouns.

They are never won,

and they generally are accompanied with significant losses

of freedom and resources.

But we should be very concerned about real war.

Real Wars start with W.

And they end with Roman Numerals.

They result in the loss of tens of millions of lives,

And the destruction of whole cities and nations and ways of life.

They are generally won or lost, and they tend to end.

The generation that survives it,

always vows that

It will be the last.

That would be a first.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

your hot these days OZ.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to think the Iran War that you have been warning us about was out of the question. I no longer believe it is.

And I am horrified of the prospects it will bring.

If the war starts, it will have a roman numeral after it, just as you suggest.

Are we going to just sit on our hands and let this happen?


Even my most liberal of friends of more concerned about regaining power, not restraining the power that is bringing this rain of terror. MZ

7:09 AM  

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