Thursday, March 30, 2006

Real Security

Yesterday was a day of pictures.

First, there was the so called picture of Baghdad posted

by another mendacious Republican with that special

cavalier disregard

for their constituent's intelligence, as well as their own self esteem.

The story developed during the day at Kos, at TPM, and Atrios.

The new picture is totally hillarious.

Then there is the picture of Nancy Pelosi.

She is putting "the close" on the Democrat's New Thang.

Real Security is their new bright idea.

The image I saw was Nancy Pelosi holding up a prop

that said "Real Security" up in front of the cameras

with a tight two button shot.

Problem was...the prop was upside down.

Does real security from the Democrats mean a move away

from our dangerous dependence on foreign energy supplies?

Does real security from the Democrats mean a real plan

to deal with climate change and how we will adapt to it?

Does real security from the Democrats include a plan

to protect our civil liberties from an unified executive

that openly breaks the law and the Constitution with impunity?

Does real security from the Democrats include a plan for justice?

Does real security from the Democrats include a plan for health?

Does real security from the Democrats include leadership that leads?

or is real security,

unreal politics?

Picture this then.

In my book on Climate Change and the Human Potential,

I write about a time when Climate Change and Resource Depletion

become part of the American and Global Gestault of Consciousness.

And I write that the Titans of Government and Commerce will not

respond by moving away from carbon and big poisonous fires,

but instead will begin to regulate and control our lives

and restrict our freedom,

with gas allocations, carbon allotments, and other controls.

"When the World Leaders announce that, unlike our agreement in 1992 in Rio which we disregarded, this time we will adopt CO2 limits that must be honored and that such compliance will be prosecuted with a system of national, state, and local quotas, such a plan should be rejected.

Instead, we should embrace the heroes path. We should embrace the development of technologies that will allow for the massive deployment of light to energy technologies that can be deployed by individuals who are committed to this deployment. Farmers, ranchers, oilmen, and other businessmen and businesswomen should see that within this crisis lies a great opportunity.

The Crisis will give us an opportunity to examine our communities and how they are built. It will give us the opportunity to examine our system of transportation and our need to express our freedom through mindless mobility. It will give us the opportunity to step back and look at our consumer society, its ethics and the natural repercussions of the philosophy of materialism that presently permeates our current world view.

It will give us the opportunity to view the Gross National Product as a measure of inefficiency and waste instead of a measure of our success.


The Olympian response to the realization that we are indeed involved in an epic struggle to right the balance of the earth will call for a radical and meaningful departure from the world view of the Titans. It will involve the ethics and virtues found in the Olympian Pantheon.

The Olympian response will embrace the belief that this calamity in the making can forge a refining of the human spirit and the human condition. It will postulate that a world of courage and justice is ours for the making.

It will state that our emphasis should be on wisdom and beauty; that fine arts, music, and the pastoral arts should be developed to the utmost of the human potential. It will stress refinement of the law. It would make medicine an art instead of a business.

The Olympian response will seize the opportunity presented by our own ignorance and seek to transform that ignorance into a mechanism of human transfiguration.

It will seek to bring man from the age of fire to the age of light."

Picture that.

That would be real security.


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*"real security" courtesy of Amnesty International


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Oz. you're hot and right on today. And now I know who you are. MS

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post, Oz, maybe you should forward it to Nancy Pelosi and a few other key Democrats, they definitely need the help!

10:13 AM  

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