Monday, April 24, 2006

Earth Trustees

This document by John McConnell seems to be worth a read.

Earth Magna Charta
By John McConnell
Founder of Earth Day

A world view, goal and agenda for the people of Earth that will provide a healthy, sustainable future.


"The people of planet Earth have the raw materials, natural resources, and the technology for all to enjoy a life of quality. But they are still restricted by the evil that has dominated history.

They lack the vision of the great future now possible and how to attain it. As a result, the world is filled with confusion and conflict.

This Earth Magna Charta provides the needed vision and the way. Individuals and institutions can now be trustees of Earth, seeking in ecology, economics and ethics policies and decisions that will benefit people and planet.

In the present state of the world, this Space Age trustee concept has a chance of tapping the best in human hopes and aspirations and providing a healthy, innovative and fulfilling future for our planet and its people.

In this new future, deeds will demonstrate what is best in creeds. Young Earth Trustees will lead the way.

Our Miracle Planet

In this Magna Charta we will consider what we have, as a human family, on this miracle planet we call Earth. To understand the possibilities and how we can each participate in realizing them we need to think about basics.

Actions good or bad begin in the mind.

To plan and achieve the best future we must look at our assets and liabilities. Experts will confirm the abundance of raw materials and natural resources on our planet. (They have a value of hundreds of trillions of dollars.)

There is more than enough to provide and maintain a healthy life-style for everyone, with more for those with greater ability and initiative.This is possible now because of our advanced technology.

A major problem is how to restructure the social institutions of money, credit and property rights so that there will be a level playing field where rights and responsibilities will be recognized and realized.

The Earth Magna Charta provides guidelines to achieve these goals - recognizing that people with different cultures and creeds will apply them in different ways. But all can warmly support the goals presented here. Aided by the sense of connectedness and the spirit of cooperation engendered by thinking of themselves as Trustees of Earth - all benefit.



There is no official Earth Trustee authorizing organization. Anyone is welcome to use the name as long as they base their effort on the principles set forth in this document. Any existing organization that adopts these purposes can be an Earth Trustee business, school, church or temple.

Any neighborhood, city or state can form an independent Earth Trustee Committee to further these purposes in their own way.

All are invited to share what they are doing with others."


Our new global communications with its Information Superhighway can under this Charter bring rapid change to heal, nurture and improve life on Earth. To accomplish this requires a radical change in attitudes and policies of mass media.

They must seek in every way possible to define and further Earth Trustee goals. While plans and methods for achieving goals will differ, affirming points of accord will increase harmony and accommodation."

Nice to know that the Founder of Earthday,

might also be the Father of the Earthfamily.


What it is About

Earthfamily Principles

Earthfamilyalpha Content II

Earthfamilyalpha Content



*Andre Masson / The Earth (1939)


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I was talking to Pancho a year ago or so and he said that very soon his pals would arrive and things would change. Panco is a beat to shit dog with one eye and he lives with our pal Kirsten. Pancho is a scout for the invasion force from the Dog Star. They are coming and I have been trying to communicate with them with my Dick Tracey wrist radio.....

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the art is weird for this post. what up with it?

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its your standard abstract earth trustee.

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