Thursday, June 15, 2006

Decadent Obsessions

Today, the House of Goofballs debates the Global War on Terror.

I wonder if the debate will include this study.

Climate change a bigger security threat than terrorism,
says report
Richard Norton-Taylor
Monday June 12, 2006
The Guardian

The government's obsession with the "war on terror" is counterproductive and distracting politicians from more fundamental threats to global security, a leading UK thinktank warns today.

The most likely causes of future conflict are climate change, competition for natural resources, social and economic marginalisation and militarisation, it says.

The independent Oxford Research Group says in its report Global Responses to Global Threats that the effects of climate change - displacement of peoples, food shortages, social unrest - have long-term security implications far greater than those of terrorism, and notes that the Pentagon's office of net assessment takes the same view.

However, it adds that the response to climate change should not involve greater reliance on nuclear power because this would encourage the spread of nuclear weapons and increase the risk of terrorists getting hold of them.

Deepening global socio-economic divisions will be a serious trend, it says: "The marginalised majority is increasingly likely to support political violence against the rich minorities of the world."


The report says,

"The fundamental problem is that the security agenda is being hijacked by the 'war on terror' and related conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and, potentially, Iran. This, coupled with the continued pursuit of narrow national and economic interests, is distracting governments from the genuine threats that humanity faces, causing their responses to these threats to be wholly inadequate. Civil society and governments must engage in constructive debate and work together to redress the balance."

As dangerous as the threats of Climate Change,

and resource depletion, and increased social and economic marginalisation

and militarisation are,

There is nothing quite as dangerous,

as an elected government that is unconscious.

They are a collection of Neros.

Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde,

"I can resist everything except temptation."

We can resist everything except our own vanity.

Leaders that cannot deal with the real issues.

Should resign.

Leaders that purposely do not deal with the real issues.

Should be removed.

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between. " O.W.


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