Friday, June 23, 2006

La La Land

Our second day of strategic planning was beyond strange.

It opened with a phone call from an attendee who called

to ask "if I was even coming" and "could he read of Mice and Men".

He said that he couldn't sleep during the night thinking of the previous day

and that my thoughts reflected his in a Vulcan Mind Merge kind of way.

Unfortunately, I was on my way back to this "est" like exercise

in transcendental obfuscation.

We continued with our break out sessions,

and careful "well intentioned" guidance from our facilitator,

And then, it finally occured to me.

These so called renewable energy advocates are in a time warp.

They are in La La Land.

They talk about out-reach programs,

Even as Al Gore is out-reaching every body he can on every network,

in all the theatres, talking about their solution,

to the problem that they can't seem to get their hands around.

These La La Landers write down "that they need to build support

for clean, safe, reliable, sustainable energy supplies, "

when 75 % of almost all respondents anywhere,

say that's exactly what they want.

But these guys won't give it to them.

They talk about having no money, (the organization doesn't)

when in actuality, some of these members represent giant companies

that are planning to build perhaps 10 billion dollars in coal plants

in this upcoming last window of grandfathering that is soon to

slam shut.

When, I reminded the group that in fact,

we do have money, but we are chosing to not give it,

everyone kind of politely nodded.

When I mentioned that one of our great barriers is the denial

of climate change and resource depletion,

they all kind of nodded and agreed.

And then when I said, "no, not the public's denial",

I mean "the denial in this room",

They all kind of nodded and brushed it aside.

After our mind numbing day of goals, strategies,

barriers and action plans, the guy who called me earlier said,

"somehow I don't feel very invigorated from this meeting" ,

which is not a bad response to two fetid full days of having your

brains sucked out through every orifice we cover,

as well as the ones we generally show in public.

This is not the fox minding the hen house.

The hens themselves are in a trance in this hen house.

Meanwhile, the foxes that dress in the hen suits are amiable enough,

and they actually think of themselves as hens, (hard working hens too)

Only a few need minding.

Most are minding themselves.

They are in La La Land.

And we are in deep do do.


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*art courtesy of Jules de Oille


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For several years, I have wondered if I would more effective in promoting renewable energy outside your referenced organization rather than inside.

Thanks for your leadership.


9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TRANCE is the right word. ANESTHETIZIED and NUMBED also come to mind in observing our society's muted response to environmental problems. I maintain that cheap food and easy credit have lulled the populace to sleep. Maybe when the henhouse catches fire we'll see some real action. Thanks for hangin in there. I know you are making a difference.

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These conference things are usually attended by people who usually agree with each other, write some report and they forget about it or they all go to the bar and say what a great time they are having and isn't the weather nice.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

smiling. I can tell you had a really great time.

12:31 PM  

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