Monday, June 12, 2006

The Truth is Back


The hurricane season is only 12 days old and Alberto is now spinning in the Gulf.

Here is the most recent report from Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground.

"Alberto survived some very strong wind shear last night, and is in much better shape this morning. Deep convection for all of Alberto's life had been confined to the storm's east side, but has now built westward and almost reaches the center. Spiral banding has appeared on both visible satellite imagery and the Tampa radar animation. The storm's central pressure was a very unimpressive 1006 mb last night when I thought the storm might get ripped apart, but has dropped to 1001 mb this morning, according to the latest 8am EDT Hurricane Hunters report. Peak winds are probably around 50 mph--buoy 42003 in the Gulf of Mexico measured peak winds of 43 mph earlier this morning as Alberto passed overhead."

Meanwhile, this story in the Guardian indicates that the Insurance Companies are not paying attention to the dribble drone from Washington regarding Climate Change and its effects on the weather.

Lloyd's warns insurers over climate change
Conal Walsh
Sunday June 11, 2006
The Observer

Insurers are braced for another record-breaking hurricane season with Lloyd's of London admitting the industry still has not prepared for the effects of long-term climate change.

Lloyd's is urging its peers to follow its example in reassessing risk levels as meteorologists predict 2006 could bring a worse disaster than last year's Hurricane Katrina, which left hundreds of thousands of Americans homeless and cost insurers more than £30bn.

In a special report, Lloyd's points to changing weather patterns and says: 'The fact that no one has an accurate picture of the financial impact climate change could have on the industry is a clear indication that more needs to be done. The industry needs to ... take a new approach to underwriting, with pricing and capital allocation models regularly being updated to reflect the latest scientific evidence.'

Lloyd's faced £3.3bn of claims relating to Katrina but was shielded from insolvency because it had hedged against a catastrophic hurricane season. There are fears, though, that many US insurers have not addressed changing levels of risk.

F&C Asset Management said last week that it had written to 29 leading companies requesting details of their strategies for assessing climate change.

Weather experts have warned 2006 could bring a large number of hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin, where their frequency is increasing."

There is no relationship between warm waters and hurricanes,

and there is no relationship between man and CO2 increases,

and there is no relationship between oil and war,

and our leaders and press never lie,

and they are always right.

We're just spreading that democracy and freedom.

Meanwhile, "Houston, we have a small problem."

The Truth is back.


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Your writing and reporting continues to be terrific.

I really am grateful to have this to help keep me literate and aware.


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and its still inconvenient. DS

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An Immingratnt? Hmmm.

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