Monday, July 31, 2006

Modern War Speak

Getting it Straight

The Bush Administration may
set up military tribunals for
enemy combatants held without
charges or trial at GITMO
because these people are terrorists,
who fought back when we
invaded their homeland.

The war between Lebanon, Gaza
and Israel began when Palestinian
and Hezbollah terrorists
captured Israeli soldiers and
demanded a prisoner swap.

It did not begin when Israel
arrested, assassinated and imprisoned
the democratically elected Hamas government
of Palestine, or bulldozed 60 Palestinian
homes in Gaza, or murdered a Palestinian
family of 7 having a picnic on the beach.

Israel’s relentless bombing of Lebanon,
for instance, the massacre of 22 children,
30 women in Qana, is Hezbollah’s
fault because they hide behind
women and children, who are
collateral damage — tissue, blood,
body parts, relentless grinding
centers of civil grief that is ruthlessly
exploited by Hezbollah propagandists
who decry War Crimes.

The refugees hiding in Qana should have
evacuated while the Israeli Air Force
was bombing all vehicles on the move
in South Lebanon.

The women and children who were
masaccred in Qana were being held
as hostages by Hezbollah, so naturally,
Israel bombed them by accident.

The US invaded Iraq because they had weapons
of mass destruction and a despotic leader.
Shock and Awe took out infrastructure,
and the occupation caused the death of
44,000 civilians which is the result
of insurgents who want to make
it look like they are winning.

Although 100 people are dying a day
in Iraq, more than in Lebanon and Gaza,
it is not necessary to be
concerned about civil chaos. These are the
labor pains of a new democracy.

It wasn’t necessary to repair
Iraqi infrastructure. It was necessary
to build 6 huge military bases –
20 miles square, I-max theaters, swimming pools,
and air strips for National Guard troops
sentenced to endless combat rotations.

It doesn’t matter that there were
no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

It was necesseary to torture and humiliate
Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib
because they were terroristsbut
the responsible enlisted men and women
will be punished, because we got caught.

Military commanders and the Bush cadre
are not responsible for errors (torture, massacre,
rape) committed by soldiers because the
situation is in control.

It doesn’t matter that Al Qaeda had
zero connection to Iraq. They do now.
This is a huge US success story.

The US Congress rightly endorses
and funds the Iraq war – a war against
a country that did not threaten us
in any way, a war the American people
do not support. This is strong leadership.

The furious and stunned Lebanese protesters
who stormed the UN in Beirut should have
protested against Hezbollah, which
is defending their country.

It is Hezbollah’s fault the UN will not demand
a permanent cease fire until Hezbollah
is incapable of fighting back.

Hezbollah should allow itself
to be disarmed (cleansed).

The United States, and our allies,
Great Britain, Israel, Australia and (?)
are defending the world
from terrorists who are at fault
if they fight back when the country
they live in is destroyed by US
superior conventional military power.

Terrorists and guerillas don't fight fair.
They keep fighting after we've ruined
their countries and massacred their people.

North Korea and Iran are rogue states
because they want to develop nuclear
weapons, and don’t like us, which
is unfair because we have the good
of their people at heart. We want to
bring Democracy to them.

The United States, the only country
in history who has ever used weapons of
mass annihilation, has a right to them
because we believe in democracy and freedom,
and have more money than anyone
except the Saudi Royal Family.

The United States spies on its own
citizens, taps phones, monitors emails,
censors the internet and routinely rigs
electronic voting machines to maintain
the best democracy for sale..
These are the hallmarks of a free society.

Terrorists are all the same. It doesn’t matter
where they are or what their specific gripes
are. They are all the enemy and must
be annihilated. This makes our economy strong.

The best way to spread freedom and democracy
to the Middle East is to bomb the hell out
of country after country and then establish

Bombing is good for the common people
and strengthens democratic governments.

Occupations foster strong democracies.

It is not necessary to mess with Kuwait or
Saudi Arabia because they are
ruled by corporations in league with the G8.

It is never appropriate to negotiate
with terrorists whose demands are always
unreasonable and unfair. Diplomacy works
best when there are no lines of communication
between disputing entities.

It is important to get these somewhat
counter intuitive facts straight.

Otherwise one might find oneself
siding with the entire civilized world,
demanding a permanent cease fire
in Lebanon, for example,
which could jeopardize or slow down
the neo-con agenda for a new world order.

And the terrorists would win.

©Susan Bright


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And the news people are noe all eaten up with the Israel thing and have almost quit covering anything else, like Kabul or Iraq. And Somalia where there is an Army is massing on the border and the Islamist have allowed the first commercial plane to leave in 10 years. The World is screwed up and I am glad to live in the far away. Maybe all these people will blow them selves up?

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